'Plus One'

Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid star in the new romantic comedy “Plus One,” which comes to DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday.

This fun story focuses on longtime friends Alice (Erskine) and Ben (Quaid), who share a close relationship. When they enter a year of weddings to attend, they each feel anxiety about going as singles. Who wants to be relegated to the singles table all the time? So they decide to be each other’s ‘plus one.’ Ben will accompany Alice to the weddings she is attending and she will accompany him to his social obligations: that’s what best friends are for.

While Alice desperately wants to find someone to love and who will love her, Ben is always putting up barriers between himself and the women he dates. As the weddings mount up, the two find being together is fun. While they look for potential partners for each other, the time they spend together is special. Alice is a good wingman when it comes to finding dates for Ben.

Erskine is adorable to watch as a woman who has suffered heartbreak and her sardonic comments and over-drinking make her a sympathetic character for viewers. She is a fun-loving woman who wants to find love. And Quaid is quite likeable as the young man scarred by his parent’s divorce; unable to trust others and find the woman of his dreams. With his father (Ed Begley Jr.) getting married for the third time, Ben is determined not to go down that road of divorce like his parents.

This story feels somewhat reminiscent of the 1989 romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally,” which starred Billy Crystal and Quaid’s real life mother Meg Ryan. It’s a fun romantic comedy and, although it is about 20-something characters, it is enjoyable for all ages. Being a second-generation actor, Quaid does not disappoint as he brings his own fans as well as those of his parents to his work.

Though the only bonus features are deleted and extended scenes, rather than behind-the-scenes antics, “Plus One” is still sure to be a favorite when it hits the shelves on Blu-ray and DVD August 6.