Matt Damon won a Golden Globe for his performance in this film and was nominated for an Academy Award. “The Martian” is a story of survival and humanity.

The movie co-stars Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Sean Bean, Kate Mara and Sebastian Stan. It’s another space story of survival similar to that of “Apollo 13” only much more dramatic. This is more a story of courage and strength as well as intelligence. Damon's character, astronaut Mark Watney, has them all. The science behind what unfolds in the movie is plausible.

The story begins on Mars. There is a crew from NASA that has been working on the Red Planet. When a super storm approaches, they prepare to abandon their mission and take off, but in the midst of the storm, Watney is injured. The rest of the crew think he is dead and must launch to get out of danger. Even though she is hesitant to leave a crewmate behind, Commander Lewis (Jessica Chastain) gives the order to go.

What follows is the heart of the story, which takes place mainly on Mars where Watney is very much alive. He is injured, but alive. When he regains consciousness, the enormity of what is happening hits him. He is all alone on a distant planet. He has no communications with Earth. No one knows he is alone. He doesn’t have enough food to last until the next scheduled mission lands on the planet.

While NASA tries to figure out how to get a supply ship up to Mars ASAP, Watney encounters one difficulty after another. His sense of humor is endearing and is what sustains him throughout the ordeal. Then when his fellow crewmates learn their colleague is alive, they decide to risk their own lives to rescue him.

The human story of Watney’s survival is something that takes viewers on a journey into the heart and soul of this man and will have them wondering how they would fare if they were in this same situation. Could you hold it together enough to stay sharp and maintain your sense of reality as well as figure out how to stay alive? Many people would simply give up. But not this man. He is an extraordinary man with great intelligence as well as a sense of humor that helps him through some tough times.

Besides the theatrical release, the extended version is also included which has 10 minutes of new footage.

This extended edition includes an entire second disc filled with bonus features.

The second disc includes a variety of bonus features giving viewers an inside look at the making of the film, the science behind the film, the actors and NASA. There is also a gag reel.