The top 4 Pixar films, according to Pixar expert Derrick Clements

2004's "The Incredibles" became one of Pixar's most successful films. According to local Pixar expert Derrick Clements, it's also one of its best.

There are few Pixar experts as knowledgeable as Derrick Clements. The Provo resident and creator of "The Pixar Podcast" chose the top four Pixar films. In his own words, here's why.


With the stranglehold of superhero films currently dominating Hollywood, it’s easy to forget that in 2004, a film about a dysfunctional family of superheroes was completely original. Not only were superhero films less common than they are now, what writer-director Brad Bird accomplished with this film was more than action entertainment: "The Incredibles" has strong themes of realistic problems a growing family faces and the disappointments of adult life. Bird also voices the memorable supersuit fashion designer, Edna Mode. I’m excited to see "The Incredibles 2," which Bird is currently writing as his next film project.


I love this film for its story, but also for its spot in Pixar history. It became the highest-grossing animated film of all time after Disney CEO Michael Eisner infamously predicted it would be Pixar’s first flop. Instead, it’s the film that made Pixar a household name, and it earned the studio its first Best Animated Feature Oscar.


This film is essentially a simple love story and an inventive science fiction genre entry. I love it because it demonstrates more than any other Pixar film the gutsiness and weirdness they are willing to embrace in a big feature film: It combines Chaplin-esque silent film characterization (the crew watched many Chaplin films together during the production) with a post-apocalyptic world, and it features one of the most beautiful cinematic dance scenes of all time.


My favorite film, because it didn’t have to be as good as it was. Deepens everything good about the first film, and I would argue that "Toy Story 3" only pays off and benefits from the original ideas set out in "Toy Story 2."

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