Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley performs Thursday night at USANA Amphitheatre.

"Turn it on. Turn it up. Sing along ... This is Country Music."

The three keys to a great country concert -- turning it on, turning it up and singing along -- were in full play on a stormy evening when country artist Brad Paisley took to the USANA Amphitheatre stage Thursday night.

This truly is country music ... and the fans were loving every single hint of Western twang, every guitar chord, every sassy lyric and every nod to American pride.

While the show was delayed due to a "Perfect Storm" filled with lightning, thunder and rain, the threatening downpour held off, to everyone's relief, including the evening's headliner.

"Looks like we stuck a show in between storms," Paisley said about midway through his high-energy, fast-paced, 23-song set. "We were going to play no matter what and you were going to show no matter what! ... We are going to stay here until they kick us out of this venue."

Punctuating the sentiments of every song -- whether love songs like "Then" and "My Miracle" or comical like "Celebrity" and "Crushin' It" -- were a total of five large LED screens, the center, on-stage screen displaying a variety of sentimental and hilarious videos.

One hilarious collection re-enacted scenes from '80s pop culture favorites like "Ghostbusters," "Knight Rider" and "Close Encounters," and were sprinkled in with home video footage of proms, football game and class photos, all set to the lyrics of "Last Time for Everything."

Other video highlights included filmed cameos by the band Alabama, a tribute to the Grand Ole Opry and even a sweet homage to Andy Griffith in the song "Waitin' on a Woman."

Despite the fast pace of the concert, Paisley still found perfect opportunities to play to the crowd.

Being joined on stage by the two show openers, Chris Lane and Riley Green, the three of them managed to commandeer a girl's cell phone while they performed "I'm Still a Guy." The trio snapped selfies, flipped through her camera roll and then jumped into her McDonald's app and jokingly ordered food.

"Let's see what a girl from SLC has in her phone," Paisley said as he was flipping through her photos. "I should give it back but there's so much to see."

Moving onto the McDonald's app he announced he was taking food orders. "Everyone tell me what they want ... OK, 4,000 Big Macs and 4,000 fries. Any milk shakes? ... I like apple pies."

Other standout moments of the summer concert included two tender moments worth highlighting:

• Signing the electric guitar he'd been playing, he gave it to a sweet little blonde-haired girl stating, "That's how you make a Taylor Swift, right there."

• During his performance of "This is Country Music," five members of the military, dressed in fatigues, came onstage where they immediately received a standing ovation.