While there are some concerts where I show up and feel woefully underdressed, during Monday night’s Post Malone concert I felt sadly under tattooed. But never fear ... there were dozens of people walking through the crowds prior to the show’s start handing out replicas of the performer’s signature tattoos ... many of them self-designed and scattered around his face.

So while I might not have actually adhered the Playboy bunny design to my cheek — early morning meetings with a “tattoo” on my face aren’t such a good idea — I thoroughly enjoyed watching people clamor for the varied designs like a cursive “Stay Away” placed over the right eyebrow, a line of barbed wire across the forehead or a dagger down the side of the face.

When Post Malone takes to the mic, it’s not those tattoos people are talking about, however.

Malone is successfully and uniquely bridging the gap between a wide variety of musical genres. Many first-time listeners might classify Posty in hip-hop. But with popular songs like “Better Now,” and “Wow.” topping pop charts and “Sunflower,” his song with Swae Lee that was featured on the 2018 animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” he is a great, if unconventional, example of a crossover entertainer. (Think a bit more like Elvis Presley rather than Taylor Swift.)

With gritty vocals and a strong vibrato, Post Malone’s musical style can also be considered rock, R&B, trap, blues and country.

When it comes to his performance style, Malone likes to keep things simple-yet-impactful.

Low-key staging with only a catwalk, an overhead lighting fixture, two giant projection screens and other choreographed lighting were accented by perfectly timed firework explosions and stunning fire displays.

But all the staging took a backseat to Malone’s more-than-commanding stage presence. The audience chit-chat between songs was brief and heavily laced with an apparently favorite F word, so luckily the interludes between songs were short.

Noticeably absent from his hit-filled, 20-song setlist was the current radio hit “Circles.” That small disappointment just meant everyone could continue the concert in their cars on the drive home.

Concluding his sold-out performance, Post Malone, who has a home in Utah and gives the Utah snow a musical shoutout in “Wow.,” sincerely and humbly thanked the crowd and then shouted that it was good to be home, causing the electrified crowd to erupt into deafening screams.

In anticipation of the next Post Malone concert — hopefully soon — I likely won’t invest in any tattoos to embrace my fully cemented fan status, but I will keep his incredibly appealing music on an even heavier rotation on Spotify.