Here we are the first day into 2020 and I just have one question: Where did the 2010s go?

Music is uniquely qualified with a transcendent power that allows it to tie directly into a memory. How many times does a certain song come on the radio and it immediately takes you back to a specific time period or some direct experience in your life? If you’re like me, that answer would be “quite often.”

So it was that looking back at a list of concerts I attended along the Wasatch Front over the past 10 years really opened the floodgates of fantastic memories. Mental photographs of the staging, where I was sitting (or more likely standing), who I went with, emotional high points in the set and the overall power of the performances themselves all provide welcome flashbacks to savor.

Goodness gracious, I can’t even drive to or from Salt Lake City without glancing off to the Living Planet Aquarium on the west of I-15 and fondly remembering the U2 concert at Rice-Eccles Stadium in 2011 — thanks to the aquarium’s recent purchase of the band’s infamous “360°” tour stage rig (affectionately dubbed “The Claw”).

Looking over my list of shows from 2010-2019, my overriding conclusion was, “Man, rock fans along the Wasatch Front did not get cheated.” And the future looks bright, as more and more, the biggest tours are making sure a Salt Lake stop is essential to their itinerary.

So, while anxiously anticipating what the roaring ‘20s have in store for us, let’s honor the Utah concert scene by taking a last, longing look at the top 10 rock concerts — in my opinion — from the 2010s in sequential order (along with a few honorable mentions).

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