Jason Faunt

Jason Faunt will be appearing this week at FanX: Salt Lake Comic Convention.

When it comes to a passionate fanbase, it's hard to look much farther than the fanbase that has followed each incarnation of Power Rangers through the years, at least according to actor Jason Faunt.

Known as the Red Time Force Ranger Wes Collins in "Power Rangers Ninja Steel," as well as "Power Rangers Super Megaforce," "Power Rangers Time Force" and "Power Rangers Wild Force," it's safe to say Faunt has become an active and important part of the Power Rangers fandom, and will be bringing that sense of community to FanX with Power Rangers co-stars Nakia Burrise, Johnny Young Bosch and Catherine Sutherland for all three days of the weekend event.

When it comes to Faunt's career as an actor, it's actually all thanks to Tom Cruise and a little "Risky Business."

"The story goes that when I was a sophomore in high school, I got the flu. I was in bed for two or three days. That was back in the days of Blockbuster video. My mom rented a bunch of movies to kind of occupy me because she worked, and she rented "Risky Business." I watched it those two hours and completely forgot I was sick. I thought, 'This looks like something so fun to do.' I was really good at baseball, but once I kind of hit a wall with that and was done playing, I packed up and headed to Hollywood."

Though his early credits included time on soap operas such as "Passions" and "Port Charles," in 2001, Faunt found his connection with a good audition that landed him in "Power Rangers Time Force."

"It was an audition that just went well," he said. "The role aligned with my personality and I got it.

"It's been pretty remarkable," Faunt said of being in a part of the series since then. "Whatever formula Power Rangers has figured out, it's worked pretty well. It's been 26 years now and as a result of that, the fanbase has grown. Now you've got kids that watched it who are adults having their own kids watch it. As a result, you've got this generational sharing as parents are watching with their kids.

"It's pretty cool because you get a sense of the impact you made on people's lives," Faunt continued. "My particular season of Power Rangers, we had no idea that it was going to become something so special."

Faunt's career has carried him through an ample number of credits, including time in video games, television series and movies, but there's no mistaking the long-lasting impact of Power Rangers.

"Obviously Power Rangers will always be my baby," he said. "I don't think there's a part of my life that hasn't been touched by that show in the last 20 years. It's just been a very special passion project and any time they call me to come back, I'll always be first to raise my hand."

Looking to the future, Faunt mentioned recent credits including "Beast of the Water" on Amazon Prime, as well as a Lifetime Christmas film debuting this year: "Honeymoon in Paradise," which dives behind the scenes of reality television.

Catch him this weekend for photos, autographs and meet and greets, or head to see the entire Power Rangers team in the "Power Rangers Spotlight" panel set for 4-5 p.m. Friday in the Grand Ballroom.