What is a pretty big honor?

BYU law professor and Orem resident Christine Hunt made an appearance on "Jeopardy!" Wednesday, when the episode that was filmed months ago aired. 

Hunt's run on the show had its ups and downs, from her first correct question — “In music, pianissimo means very this" to her wrong answer in Final Jeopardy on the question "One of Britain’s few native evergreen trees, it’s prized for bringing color to winter, and its foliage is often hung in homes.”

In the end, Hunt came in second on the show. Dave Algase, an information professional writer from Saline, Michigan walked away the winner with his total earnings of $8,218. Hunt's winnings were $2,000 and returning champion Rodolfo Yuichiro Bedoy, IT project manager from New York came in third with $1,000.