Five years ago, three siblings from Texas set out with their great-grandmother’s dough recipe to open a small kolaches shop in downtown Provo.

Hruska’s Kolaches has since become a Utah staple and home to some of the best pastries and breakfast sandwiches Food Network restaurateur Guy Fieri has ever eaten, co-owner Cory Hruska said.

“The producers said they know when he likes something and they told us he loved them,” Hruska told the Daily Herald in an email. “Not to mention that Guy said they were fantastic. He ate every bite. He was very complimentary.”

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” will feature Hruska’s Kolaches’ second location in Salt Lake City on an episode titled “Handy Helpings,” premiering Friday at 10 p.m. MST on Food Network, thanks to customers who recommended the sweet and savory Czech pastry shop for the show.

“If you get enough people asking and the Food Network likes your place after their own research, they put you up for nomination,” Hruska said.

The show stopped at Hruska’s Kolaches to film in November, according to a Facebook post announcing the episode. Hruska said the experience was “way cool, but a lot of work.”

“It’s not just a cooking show, it is a real production with rules and scripts and all that,” Hruska said. “You aren’t acting at all, but it was fun to be a part of a real-life Hollywood production.”

Hruska said the project required two days of filming, one day for b-roll and another day with Fieri.

“It was about a 20-hour process for a 10-minute segment, and that’s just filming,” Hruska said. “But it was a blast.”

Meeting and interacting with Fieri was “surreal,” according to Hruska.

“He is a big-time celebrity and my first time meeting someone like that,” Hruska said. “He is a genuinely nice and happy man.”

At the same time, Fieri is “all business” as executive producer of the show, Hruska said.

“He runs the show and is the boss man,” Hruska said. “You can tell he is highly respected by his team. I really enjoyed his company. He made us feel like we were important and respected our business and our processes. He was easy to talk to and a great time. I’d really like for him to visit us again cause he was that awesome.”

Hruska said he felt “validated” when he found out Hruska’s Kolaches would be featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

“I am humbled by how well our customers have received us. I’m pumped we have been able to build a business that people have fallen in love with, and then to see the fruits of it all is absolutely amazing. I get emotional when I think about it,” Hruska said. “It’s true validation.”

Things are looking up for Hruska’s Kolaches moving forward, with a third location set to open soon in American Fork at 11 W. Main St.

“After all the hard work and all the good and bad customers, a man like Guy comes in and says our food is one of the best pastries/breakfast sandwich he has ever eaten,” Hruska said. “That is true awesomeness.”