When a hit ensemble show ends, viewers are always looking to see what the members of the cast will do next.

In the case of “The Big Bang Theory,” viewers don’t have to wait to see what their favorite girl across the hall will do. Kaley Cuoco played Penny on “The Big Bang Theory” for 11 years, and now she has jumped right into her next project.

Cuoco is voicing Harley Quinn in an animated show for adults. And it is definitely for adults. After all, this is from DC and as Kaley was surprised to learn when she met with the media recently, they are allowed eight “F-bombs” per episode.

When asked what drew her to this new chapter in her life, Cuoco said bluntly, “You know, Harley Quinn is such an iconic character, and the way this team brought this specific show together, it was so bright and different and obviously extremely edgy, and nothing I’d ever really done before. And it’s just a whole new take on it, and the cast is fantastic and I knew it would be a blast and it has absolutely held up to that. And producing, yeah, I was able to come on it as a producer with my company, and that was a big deal for us too. And being able to partner on this and put our input in, and this has been a new experience for me, this producing hat, so this has been a great beginning.”

The actress was not really apprehensive about voicing the character, but was a little anxious because the character is iconic and Cuoco admits she has a recognizable voice.

“I feel like people recognize me for my voice, so I was like, they’re gonna know it’s me pretty quickly,” she said. “But we kinda just accepted that from the beginning. And look, I love going in the booth and screaming and cussing for two straight hours, it’s been a blast. I usually do that alone in my bedroom, so I’ve been able to experience that in a whole other way.”

Cuoco smiled when she said about Harley, “She’s nuts. But she’s also fun, and she loves Starbucks, and her girlfriends, which is great. She’s very real.” The actress added, “And she’s not apologetic about anything. She just does what she wants to do, and I love it, yes.”

Cuoco discussed how the character grows during the episodes.

“I think she goes through some growth, it’s almost like a few steps forward, and then like 25 steps back. Like, then she falls back into her old ways again and can’t really help it. But I think her building her crew and her friends, she’s kinda learning what real friendships are. I mean, these friends are more family to her than her real family, we find out later in the series as well. And she learns that it’s important, and she actually loves these people, and there’s tons of growth for her. But then, you know, she falls into her old ways, and that’s just, that’s Harley Quinn.”

With her hit sitcom just ending, it wasn’t long before the actress joined another show. She admitted when she got the phone call asking if she wanted to voice Harley Quinn, she jumped at the chance. And after meeting with the team, she realized it was going to be another really fun experience.

“They showed me all the drawings and they showed me what they were doing, and we just thought it was the coolest thing ever,” she said.”I never said one thing about it. They had such a vision for all these characters that it was absolute perfection. But, Harley’s iconic. I mean, I know I’ve said it a couple of times and she’s a badass and she is female empowerment to a ‘T.’ ... She’s just a badass. And she always has been and she always will be. And she dances to the beat of her own drum.

“I’ve just never seen anything like this in animation or on TV,” she said with great pride.

And neither have viewers. “Harley Quinn” premieres in October on DC Universe streaming service.