Viewers will be “very caught off guard” by the last two episodes of “Provo’s Most Eligible” Season 2, according to co-creator and host Remington Butler.

“I don’t want to say too much, but it gets pretty dramatic,” Butler said in an email.

While fans wait for the final two episodes to come out Nov. 14 and 21 on YouTube, the Daily Herald caught up with Butler and bachelorette Lauren Hunter to recap the season so far.

In the first five episodes of Season 2, the three bachelorettes have narrowed down the contestants from 30 men to six through a variety of dates and activities from CrossFit to karaoke.

Two contestants remain on each bachelorette’s team, leaving Hunter to choose between Jake Nilson and Austin Simkins, Elizabeth “Bee” Eide to choose between Keaton Hill and Walker Wright, and Ellie Richards to choose between Scott Anderson and Josue Martinez.

Along the way, kisses have been shared, shade has been thrown and loyalties have shifted.

“It is interesting that my team is the one that goes through the most drastic changes,” Hunter said in an email. “This is because I’d get to know a lot of people but then I’d realize pretty quick that I knew it wouldn’t go somewhere with one guy, where there was a possibility with another.”

Hunter said it was interesting to see how the contestants “reacted with the other guys” and who actually put in effort to make her happy.

“I went with who I felt was a good fit for me, that I felt was a good person who was there for me and not the clout, and who I felt a romantic and fun connection with,” Hunter said.

Watching the first five episodes of “Provo’s Most Eligible” come out has been a roller coaster for Hunter.

“I think at first people didn’t really get a sense of who I was, but with time I’ve felt so much support from people watching and being ‘team Lauren,’ ” Hunter said. “The fans have been giving me life where I’ve felt a little less support from the cast who went through it with me.”

Hunter said she put in a lot of effort to be friends with the other bachelorettes, but felt “they didn’t really care much to.”

“It especially hurt from Bee who I was closer with before filming started and then things changed with filming starting,” Hunter said. “I’m not gonna lie, that was the hardest part cause I thought we’d all have each other’s backs more than anyone else. But they are great girls. Nothing bad to say about them.”

Overall, Hunter said she loved being one of the bachelorettes.

“Honestly, it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve gone through with everyone watching your every decision and learning a lot about yourself and maybe how you date (pros and cons),” Hunter said. “I’d never give up what I’ve learned from this for anything.”

Butler said “Provo’s Most Eligible” Season 2 has been “amazing.”

“It is always very rewarding listening to and seeing people’s reactions and seeing all the support we get,” Butler said. “It is even cooler for me to see how much love all of our contestants get, especially our three bachelorettes, to see doors open for them and see them become celebrities in a way.”

The creators of the series learned a lot from the show’s first season about the importance of scheduling filming days in advance, working with cast and crew members, and how to run a business, according to Butler.

“It was honestly a miracle that it all worked out the way it did,” Butler said. “In Season 1, we just kind of filmed as we went along and there were some shoots people couldn’t show up to, but this season was a lot more structured.”

Some of the cast members from Season 1 have participated in Season 2 as judges during dates and activities.

“Season 1 will always have a special place in our heart,” Butler said. “We wish we could have included Colin more, but he was out of town over the summer. We loved having Season 1 cast members on set who could give advice and share their experiences with the current cast.”

Butler said viewers have really taken to and enjoyed the show’s new format this season as it has departed from ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” model after a Warner Bros. Entertainment copyright claim earlier this year.

“I think the new format just opens more opportunities for drama and connections to be made, and gives more opportunities for people to relate to different characters and choose their favorites,” Butler said.

The show has gained many more followers and is reaching more demographics than it did in the first season, according to Butler.

“We just keep growing and it is exciting to see more and more people embrace the cringe,” Butler said.

Matchmaking has always been a passion of Butler’s, so he thinks his is the best job in the world.

“I love helping people make connections with other people, and not just helping these three women find love on the show, but also bringing a cast and crew together and giving people an opportunity to build friendships in a way they would have never been able to before,” Butler said.

“Provo’s Most Eligible” Season 3 is in the works, according to Butler.

“People should stay tuned on our social media to learn about the application process and find out what is next for us,” Butler said.