Provo’s Most Eligible” star and Brigham Young University student Colin Ross still hasn’t picked a major, but he has chosen a girlfriend.

The viral five-episode YouTube dating series’ finale, which premiered Monday, revealed Annalee Ross, who happens to have the same last name as Colin Ross, as the winner of the first season.

The show’s stars and creators — including Colin Ross, Annalee Ross, co-creator and host Remington Butler, and co-creator Carson Bown — reflected on their “Provo’s Most Eligible,” formerly “The Bachelor of Provo,” Season 1 experience Monday night at a Q&A hosted by The Beehive following the finale’s premiere in front of a full crowd at Dry Bar Comedy in Provo.

Meg Walter and Eli McCann, who have written reviews about “Provo’s Most Eligible” for The Beehive, asked the new couple about their associations off screen throughout the series and how the new relationship is going.

“It’s going really well,” Colin Ross said. “I just think we had a good friendship from the beginning. … We’d just see each other after class, and my roommates are in a band called The Moss. They’re really good, and anyway, so she likes that kind of music, and I do too, so we’re like, ‘Hey, we should go together,’ and then from there, we just kind of started hanging out more.”

The writers also asked about a point of conflict in the show, Colin Ross’ plans to leave Provo over the summer.

“I still don’t know what I’m doing for summer, honestly, so I could stay,” Colin Ross said. “It just depends.”

“I’m going to be up here,” Annalee Ross added. “We’re just going to kind of take it as it comes, not really worry about it yet, just kind of live in the moment. Life’s too short to plan ahead, put an expiration date on things.”

Annalee Ross said she initially applied for the series as a joke, but the experience became real to her around the second episode.

“After the talent show, we talked some, and I was like, ‘Oh, he’s really cool, and I’d love to get to know him better,’ ” Annalee Ross said.

McCann asked during the Q&A how the stars’ families have responded to the series. Colin Ross revealed his mom is “a big fan” of “Provo’s Most Eligible.”

“My mom loves the show,” Colin Ross said. “She’s my biggest supporter, so it’s really great to have her on my side.”

McCann also asked Butler about his reaction to criticism of the series.

“We didn’t expect that anyone would watch it. We expected a little group of people might watch it maybe, but not the reaction that it got,” Butler said. “I didn’t expect to get made fun of that much, but I don’t know, you can see all the people here tonight. They’re here to see it, right? Whether it’s good or bad, cringy or funny or romantic, people want to watch it.”

Butler said the team eventually decided to “embrace the cringe full force.”

“After we saw the comments, we were reading them the first night and we just thought they were so funny,” Butler said. “People were taking it so seriously, and we all decided to embrace it and to fit it into the show as much as we could because we thought it was funny.”

Walter questioned whether the series is a parody and asked how much of the comedy on the show is intentional.

“If you’ve watched any of the other interviews or podcasts that have been done about this, a lot of the girls like to explain that we’re not that bratty in person,” Annalee Ross said. “We keep in mind the fact that we are on ‘Provo’s Most Eligible,’ and no one’s going to watch it if a bunch of girls get along. … We have to understand that a lot of the times, they’re being funny, like the intros is them just having a good time.”

Butler said a “Women Tell All” is in the works, and the series’ creators plan to keep fans updated on the Season 1 stars’ relationship.

“I think we’ll throw them in every now and then, see if they’re still together or if they’re married or engaged to other people,” Butler said. “On our social media, we’ll keep you guys posted on what they’re up to and stuff for sure.”

The creators are working on a second season of “Provo’s Most Eligible” that will focus on helping three women find love.

“We’re going to try and go a different direction,” Butler said. “We’re going to make our own unique dating show.”

Butler said the women haven’t been selected yet, but an audience member asked during the Q&A if Season 1 runner-up Elena Deighton would be one of the stars.

“We’ve pitched the idea to Elena, but I think it’s still up in the air if she wants to do it or not,” Butler said.

Bown said 700 people have applied for “Provo’s Most Eligible” Season 2, set to be filmed over the summer and roll out around September.

“Seeing the reaction from everybody, I guess people love the cringe, and if we’re good at providing that for them, then we’ll keep doing that as long as possible,” Butler said.