Contestants from viral YouTube dating series “Provo’s Most Eligible” Season 1 recently opened up about their experiences on the show at a “Girls Tell All.”

Among the revelations at the event, hosted by The Beehive at The Startup Building in Provo, winner Annalee Ross, now star Colin Ross’ girlfriend, announced she is planning on starting her mission papers soon to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I’m super excited for her,” Colin Ross said at the event. “I remember when she told me, I was like, ‘No way, that’s exciting.’ I think it’s good for everyone to go on a mission, and I think it will be great for her.”

Annalee Ross said for now, she and Colin Ross are “just taking it as it comes.”

“Actually, when me and Colin were established friends hanging outside of the show, I was having a lot of doubts about my abilities and about if I could do it, if I could make it on a mission, and Colin was so wonderful and talked with me through it a lot,” Annalee Ross said. “That’s I guess another reason why we work out so well is he helped me through a lot when it came to my mission decision, and the fact that he’s super, super supportive of it means the world to me.”

Runner-up Elena Deighton also revealed she was led on days before the final episode was filmed when she told Colin Ross off camera about her feelings for him and where she stood.

“I thought we were on the same page,” Deighton said. “This is verbatim, he said, ‘Annalee Ross and I are just friends. You’ve got nothing to worry about.’ ”

Deighton said she felt “blindsided” and “hurt” when Colin Ross dumped her on camera.

“I completely revoke my statement when I said I was OK. I think on behalf of all girls, it’s not my job to emotionally comfort the boy that’s dumping me,” Deighton said. “It was just the fact that I couldn’t have an honest reaction to that and I couldn’t let myself be sad over it until Annalee Ross was giving me a lift home in the car, and I was just sobbing in the passenger seat. It’s not a nice way to react to that.”

Colin Ross explained what he told Deighton leading up to the final episode was the truth at the time, but then things changed.

“I’m just really sorry. It was very dumb on my part to not tell you before,” Colin Ross said. “I don’t know exactly what was going through my head when I did that.”

Deighton said in the end, she is thankful for her experience on “Provo’s Most Eligible.”

“I don’t regret how the show went at all, actually,” Deighton said. “I think he made the right decision choosing Annalee. I think they balance each other out really well, and I’ve gone through a lot of character development because of this show.”

Some of the contestants, including McKenna Wright and Abby Madsen, said they felt they were portrayed unfairly on the series. Wright, who left the show after she started dating someone following the third episode, was upset with the way the fourth episode was edited.

“I felt like the parts that were put into the show that were shown were very out of context,” Wright said. “They wanted people to stay on the show so much that they were like, ‘If you’re dating someone, you can choose to stay on or not.’ … And we discussed a dramatic ending that was preferable over me just saying, ‘I started dating someone, I’m not coming back.’ ”

Host and co-creator Remington Butler said he is glad Wright stayed on the show.

“We gave all the girls the opportunity if they had a boyfriend or not to stay on because we wanted to keep some continuity,” Butler said. “And they’re popular, and so we want the audience to know what happened to them, as opposed to just leaving and then have to explain later maybe what happened.”

Megan Vaughn, who got engaged during the series, explained the timeline of the show and her relationship with her fiance. Vaughn said she thinks many people don’t realize filming the series was “a long process.”

“We applied in September, I think, and we filmed a little bit in October, and then it wasn’t till November 1 that we had the first night,” Vaughn said. “We weren’t filming every week, and I think that’s what a lot of people thought, that we were filming every week, and when they posted the video, it was filmed that week.”

Other contestants, like Bailey Reeder and Julianne Kindt, explained why they left “Provo’s Most Eligible” in the middle of the show.

“Essentially, why I didn’t go that night, I knew I didn’t really think it was going to work out with me and Colin, just with our couple of interactions,” Reeder said. “I didn’t really want to go just to tell him, ‘Hey, I don’t think it’s going to work out,’ and just have the spotlight on me for that because other girls were there for better reasons, and they wanted it to work out with Colin more, and so I just essentially didn’t want to take that away from them.”

“Provo’s Most Eligible” recently closed applications for Season 2, set to be filmed over the summer and roll out around September, which will feature three female stars and 30 male contestants.

Butler asked several of the Season 1 contestants at the “Girls Tell All” if they would consider becoming one of the stars on “Provo’s Most Eligible” Season 2.

“I’m really young,” Deighton said. “I’m not looking for marriage, I’m looking for just someone to date around with, just have a good time, so if you want a proposal at the show, I’m not sure if I’m your girl.”

Final five contestant Kate Hendrickson said she will be at the BYU Jerusalem Center over the summer, and Annali Crandall, also a final five contestant, said she is dating someone.

Many of the Season 1 contestants spoke positively when reflecting on their time on “Provo’s Most Eligible.”

“I think it was a really fun experience, fun to meet all the girls, and I don’t regret signing up,” contestant Maddy Brinegar said.