New viral local YouTube series “The Bachelor of Provo,” based on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” has changed its name after its videos were taken down due to a Warner Bros. Entertainment copyright claim.

The show’s creators announced Tuesday “Provo’s Most Eligible” will replace the original title. The series also will feature a different format moving forward that excludes other trademarks such as the rose ceremony.

“We sought out some attorneys, and we discussed it with them,” co-creator and host Remington Butler told the Daily Herald. “We cannot include the word bachelorette or bachelor in the name at all, but yeah, we still want it to be Provo based, and … it’ll just be a whole new dating show in Provo.”

“Provo’s Most Eligible” will continue to be loosely based off “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” with an upcoming season that will feature a female star and male contestants. The creators opened applications for the second season Tuesday on the series’ new website.

The show’s third episode, which retains the original “The Bachelor” format, is set for release Saturday under the new title on YouTube. The creators also plan to restore the first and second episodes of the series to YouTube under the new name this week. The fourth episode will be the first to feature the new “Provo’s Most Eligible” format.

“It’s actually kind of flattering that Warner Bros. has felt the need to take it down,” Butler said.

Co-creator Carson Bown, a local filmmaker who met Butler when they were serving in Louisiana as full-time missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said the series never meant to completely copy “The Bachelor.”

“We never intended anything like that,” Bown told the Daily Herald. “This is a fun project. That’s all it was, and really, it’s been a lot of fun and we do it for that.”

“The Bachelor of Provo” originally began as a parody and joke between Brigham Young University students and roommates Butler and star Colin Ross with some of their friends.

“We were talking about how Colin is such a good catch and how he’s such a beautiful man, but just how he kind of looks like one of the old contestants on ‘The Bachelorette,’ ” Butler said. “Then I decided to put Colin’s face on some flyers and we decided to hand them out to people, and we handed them out to apartments all throughout BYU and on campus. We ended up getting about 200 responses.”

The applicants were then narrowed down to 22. Filming began with a small crew that has now grown to about 20 members, the first episode premiered Jan. 11 on YouTube and the series’ videos quickly accrued 180,000 views. The creators have been surprised by the show’s popularity.

“People stop Colin all the time to take pictures with him. And even the girls too, they have had to sign autographs before for people, and we’ve been doing interviews with tons of places, tons of newspapers and people, so it’s crazy how much it’s taken off,” Butler said. “There have been fan pages on YouTube, watch parties, reaction videos, just pretty much everything.”

Butler said the contestants have had fun on the series, and “everything they say is their own words.”

“They’re in front of cameras on a dating show, which is exciting,” Butler said. “They’re all really good friends with each other, which is really cool. They all kind of hang out outside of this, and they have their own group messages and stuff, so they’re super awesome. They love doing it, and they love getting to know Colin and taking the time out of their day to participate in this.”

Many local businesses have embraced the series as well and offered their support. The series has also joined forces with Fund Duel to raise money for refugee nonprofit Hope Humanitarian.

“It’s really cool to see how the show can bring together Provo almost,” Butler said. “There’s a lot more than people know, and people keep messaging us all the time and want to promote their business and want us to come film there, which is really cool. There’s a lot of diversity to Provo.”

The creators anticipate the series’ current season to include six episodes total, with new episodes coming out every two to three weeks and the next season rolling out this summer. They also hope to work on other film projects in the future.

“We’re in it as long as people want to watch it, as long as people are interested and keep liking it,” Butler said.

Ross said creating the show has been “a learning process” for him.

“I’d definitely say I’ve progressed as a person. I’ve learned a lot of things, just how I act on camera and how I interact with other people. I’ve definitely learned a lot of people skills,” Ross said. “I think it’s the coolest thing to see that if we want to do something, we actually can do it.”