Race: Pleasant Grove City Council

Occupation: Cloud Based Imaging Technician

Age: 35

Education: High School Graduate

Website: taylor4pg.com

Facebook: fb.me/taylor4pg

Email: ericmatthewtaylor@gmail.com

What are the biggest issues facing your city and Utah Valley, and how do you plan to address them?

Any city has issues, it’s the way of things. As with other cities, Pleasant Grove has them too. Below are a handful of issues we are facing currently. I believe that only by listening to each other, and coming together can we can find common ground, heal the divides, and find solutions that will bring us a better, more pleasant, Pleasant Grove.


The roads in PG need something done about them, and the time is now. This much is clear. What is not so clear, is the best solution to that problem. A group of citizens have put forth the Fund Roads First Initiative. The current City Council has put forth a Road Fee. Each option has its pro’s and con’s. Only by carefully studying each option, weighing its impact on our City and its future, can we make the best choice. As a voice of the people on the City Council I promise to champion the voice of the Citizens in finding the best solution for our Roads. Now, and in the coming years.

Transparency of Government

The purpose of any Government position is to serve the people. This is why we are having an election! Those elected officials are responsible to those they serve. Too many times, government is seen as a thing that is far off, incomprehensible, and beyond the common man. This is the opposite of what it should be! Although elected officials are given a modicum of trust, that trust should be respected and accountability, and transparency should be had at every turn. Only by integrity, honesty, and hard work, can a government be useful. As a member of the Council I will espouse these values and ensure that the Citizens always have a voice.


One of the many wonderful reasons that Pleasant Grove feels so lovely is our sense of community. Our city offers many amenities that serve to strengthen our bond with each other, and increase the sense of community and Quality of life. However the truth is those amenities are not used by all residents. I am convinced that we can continue to provide amenities such as the Library, Pool, etc while being responsible with the funds we are entrusted with. The many can enjoy such services, without putting undue hardship on those who cannot, or do not, enjoy such things regularly. I will work to ensure that all Pleasant Grove residents are respected, and considered when the question of Amenities comes up.

Economic Development

Proper Economic Development is crucial to any city’s longevity. Without looking to the future, a city finds itself unable to pay for critical things like infrastructure without leaning heavily on the Citizens. There have been some good decisions made in the recent past that have led us to better Economic Development than we have seen in a while. More can, and must, be done.

High Density Housing

High Density Housing allows for larger growth in a smaller area. This of course has its pro’s and con’s. The integrity of our neighborhoods, and the beautiful scenery that makes up so much of them, must be protected. High density housing has its place in a city. Where that place is however, must be carefully chosen. The council must work with the citizens to balance the needs of growth, with those who have spent so long here and deserve to have their neighborhoods protected.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I believe that unity in our community is key. Only by coming together as a community, to solve problems through compromise and understanding, can the best solutions be found.

The people of Pleasant Grove need a voice on the Council that will work with them, and represent the views of all citizens, and not just a few. A voice that will fight for a more beautiful, more pleasant, Pleasant Grove.

Is there anything else you want your readers to know about you?

I am married with 4 children and have been a PG resident for just under 10 years. I love the small town charm, and the beautiful mountains and trees that make the city feel like a hidden gem in the bustle of Utah County.

I believe strongly in equality, and fairness. It is vital that we work together, balance trust for our government, with civic awareness, and move toward a brighter future, together.