It’s back to school time and my kids are excited to get back to school and back to friends. What I’m not excited about is all the germs they will bring home from school. The last thing I want to worry about with school starting is the possibility of my children getting sick … which unfortunately is a very common occurrence once school starts.

Luckily, I have an Air Scrubber Plus installed in my home which will not only protect, clean and sanitize the air we breathe, it will also clean the surface areas in my home such as door knobs and countertops. With an Air Scrubber Plus, those nasty germs do not stand a chance.

The Air Scrubber protects your home by eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and harmful pollutants in the air and on surface areas. It goes beyond typical air purification systems by using certified space technology. In fact, it’s the only air cleaning technology that has been given the Space Certified Seal of Approval by the Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA.

This innovative machine is professionally installed in the ductwork near your furnace. As the air and water molecules travel through the device, it transforms the molecules into super charged oxidizers that seek to destroy contaminants, fungi, mold and odor-causing bacteria. It’s very similar to how trees in nature clean the air we breathe outside.

After having this device in my home, I am confident knowing that the air in my home is fresh and clean. My family members with allergies find immediate relief in my home because of the reduced allergens in the air. My children tend to stay healthier and viruses do not spread. I also love it when I cook bacon and the odor it leaves behind is gone in about an hour. People with pets love the way it freshens their homes. Another huge bonus is that with the Air Scrubber, I only have to dust about once a month! The Air Scrubber clears the fine dust in my home.

All parents should enjoy these benefits so they can have peace of mind about their family’s health and well-being. Breathing fresh, clean air will improve your health and help you feel safe in your home. Western Heating & Air Conditioning has installed hundreds of these units in Utah County and we get amazing feedback from our clients. From mothers of cancer patients to fire evictees, they are all so grateful for the protection the Air Scrubber provides.

During our back to school season, the Certified Comfort Experts at Western Heating & Air Conditioning are offering $400 off an installed Air Scrubber. Call the experts at Western Heating & Air Conditioning at 801-375-COOL or visit