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Obsessing over ideal baby care stations

By Jennifer Durrant special To The Daily Herald - | Jan 12, 2021

The past few months, while coping with all the chaos of the pandemic and surrounding stressors, my husband and I were blessed with incredible news that we are pregnant with twin boys! For our family, 2020 has turned out to be a pretty amazing year, after all.

While we anticipate the arrival of our boys this coming April, this first-time momma has been gathering a long list of tips for all things related to birth plans, nursing, sleep training, nursery decor and more.

Lately, I have been seeking out all sorts of ideas related to organization. Especially in this new year where I love to purge out the old and organize everything remaining, I am obsessed with ideas for arranging a perfect, convenient nursing station, the nursery closet and dressers, our bedroom and other areas of the house. With time ticking away, it’s time to find some great ideas.

Here are some favorites. For more, visit our Nursery Decor board on Pinterest.

Nursing station

When it comes to bringing two babies home, having everything easily accessible and organized is going to be key, especially for those late-night nursing sessions. Creating a little nook in our bedroom for the first few months is a priority. So with a new, oversized rocker/recliner on order, it’s now time to find some organizable baskets, carts and storage bins to ensure everything is at easy reach.

One idea I plan on jumping on right away is to use one of those metal three-tiered IKEA carts on wheels. Filling each tier with essentials like diapers and wipes, burp cloths, lotions, diaper creams and even breast pump supplies. As the twins get bigger, I’ll be able to transition the cart into a mobile toy caddy or storage for their shoes. We could also move it into the bathroom to store all their towels, soaps, lotions and tub toys.


Babies grow fast, which means they transition out of different clothing sizes very quickly. So keeping the closet and dresser organized is going to help when I’m quickly trying to grab clothes out of drawers while wrangling wiggly babies. A couple of years ago, I happily adopted the KonMari method of folding clothes, so that will certainly help keep the dressers tidy, but I’m also looking for ways to organize everything by size.

With drawer dividers or storage cubes that fit within the drawers, I can easily designate and even label different areas and drawers for each size and rotate through the clothes as needed. Keeping essentials like diapers, onesies, socks, grooming supplies and burp cloths in the top drawers, I’ll then be able to use the rest of the drawers for each to the twins’ clothes based on size.


Babies require a lot of gear — blankets, diaper bags, nursing pillows, jumpers, playpens, strollers, swings and much more. Storing all those essentials can get a bit tricky if you don’t have a good plan for utilizing all the space you have. Storing many of those things in the closet, especially when the baby clothes don’t take up a ton of space is a great idea.

When setting up your baby’s nursery closet, be sure to use every inch of vertical space. Attractive storage boxes filled with extra clothes or diapers can always be stacked high in the top shelf of the closet. Hanging sweater containers can also store extra bedding. Over-the-door organizers can also hold baby toys, shoes and more. Then, after you’ve added the cute little baby clothes to the closet rod, you’ll still have storage space for the Boppy pillow, play mat, extra diaper bag and more.

- Jennifer Durrant


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