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Turning focus to what should be in a hospital go-bag

By Jennifer Durrant special To The Daily Herald - | Mar 10, 2021

I’m just over one month away from giving birth to two twin boys! Among the long, ever-growing list of things I have yet to get done in the coming days, I’m most concerned with packing up my bag for the hospital.

Admittedly, as a first-time mom, the idea of walking into the hospital on D-day has me a little overwhelmed. So, understandably, I’m probably over-thinking what I should be packing in that vital hospital bag.

Luckily, there are loads of checklists and oodles of advice just waiting to be discovered on Pinterest! What are the items that are necessary? What are the items to leave behind? So, as I pull out my carryon suitcase or duffle bag, I’m making sure to consult all these lists to know exactly what to pack for me, my two babies and my amazing husband.

Here are the top ideas. For more ideas, visit our Newbie board on Pinterest.

Momma’s necessities

I have a tendency to either overpack or forget key items whenever I pack for vacation. So, I’m paying very close attention to exactly what I need to pack for one of the biggest events of my life. Obviously, I’ll need to pack the basics like comfortable clothes for post-delivery — like pajamas and a pair of slippers. I also won’t be forgetting all my makeup and toiletries. But what other postpartum items will I need?

My list of essentials to pack now include breast-feeding items like nursing bras, several loose-fitting gowns perfect for skin-to-skin and nursing, and a nursing pillow. Because I’m often indecisive, I’m sure I’ll be packing several comfortable outfits to wear home. I also plan on packing some non-traditional items like a little notebook to journal about the experience.

Baby’s essentials

I cannot wait to pull out my diaper bag and pack several super-soft, adorable onesies, swaddles and hats for some picture-perfect going-home outfits for these two new little misters. But do I really need to worry about loading up with diapers, wipes, bum cream, bottles and pacifiers? I could seriously overload that diaper bag with all sorts of normal essentials. What will I really need?

After some research, I’ve found out that the hospital will hook me up with all the necessities for these babies. The most important thing I do need to bring, however, are the car seats. While the hospital will likely have a nice supply of diapers and wipes for these babies, I’ll probably still pack a small supply just in case. And, since I am a fan of pinkies, I’ll be adding a few options to my diaper bag.

Daddy’s bag

When it comes to what my husband will be bringing with him to the hospital, I am a firm believer that it should be all things that will make him comfortable. So clearly, we’ll be packing comfortable clothes for him along with all of his needed toiletries. I know that we also will be bringing along his favorite pillow, a cozy blanket and a bunch of his favorite snacks to munch on.

What I’m also adding to his list of must-haves, based on my Pinterest research, includes the computer or tablet and some headphones so he can enjoy watching his favorite Netflix shows while I’m sleeping. And, I’ll likely put him in charge of all the device chargers, the camera and a notebook where he can keep track of everyone we need to call after the boys are born.

– Jennifer Durrant


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