Exercising together is fun. Happy sporty family exercising in sports club together

With one week of social distancing, homeschooling and coping with the fears of the COVID-19 pandemic under our belts, moms and dads everywhere are likely scrambling for more ideas to entertain and educate their children of all ages. Without movies, theatrical events and concerts, even I’m starting to tire of sitting in front of the television watching sitcoms or movies or laptop reading the latest memes.

Now that the local meteorologists are predicting a week full of rain, anxious and antsy kids and adults will be begging for something new and exciting to do. Before the cries of “I’m bored” ring out, get some ideas in your toolkit for social isolation survival. Here are some great ideas for indoor exercise, new hobbies to try and even some spring cleaning ideas. For more, check out our Emergency Prep board on Pinterest.

Exercise ideas

When stocking up the pantry and fridge for the possibilities of a 14-day quarantine, snacks were equally stockpiled. And, admittedly I love to bake, so cookies and cakes will soon be plentiful in my house, too. Time to add some structured workout ideas to my daily routine. And, when you have kiddos at home, they certainly need a P.E. break amid their homeschooling, too. Time for some great indoor workout ideas everyone can take part in.

YouTube has a wide variety of great workouts everyone can enjoy. Local influencer Kristin Andrus (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQjPy3drF0G5AcTRpsLv-pA) has a fantastic channel filled with a variety of workout routines, from beginner to advanced. Fellow Instagram influencer Brigitte Shamy (@modestshoppin) also recently posted a great indoor circuit her entire family did in their family room, from sit-ups to lunges to burpees and more. Get creative, too. Yoga is great for everyone. And don’t forget to create a great playlist, too.

Spring cleaning

OK, so this might be more for Mom’s sanity than the children’s, but it is officially spring after all, right? Time to tackle some of those deeper, spring cleaning projects. A study break is a great time for each of the kids to clean and organize the toy box. Build up your children’s dexterity by teaching them how to fold their clothes the Marie Kondo way to better organize their dresser drawers. Now is also a great time to swap out the winter from spring/summer clothes, too.

While doing that spring cleaning, it’s now time to also sanitize and disinfect everything, too. Consider all the surfaces that need to be cleaned — doorknobs, counters, cutting boards, bathroom fixtures and more. A good rule of thumb when disinfecting something is to completely saturate or submerge the item in a solution and then allow to air dry for 4-5 minutes. Create your own disinfectant with 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 cup distilled water and 5 drops of lemon essential oil.

New hobbies

When trying to find new ways to break up a quarantine day, it’s always great to find a new hobby that you can master or resurrect an old hobby you have long neglected. I know I’ve been looking at all sorts of handicraft kits on Amazon, for example. I’ve also been thinking about teaching myself some cake decorating techniques thanks to a bunch of decorating supplies my mom gave me this month. I also need to dig out my crochet needles and find a new pattern to try.

Other ideas, perfect for kids, include learning the art of macrame, making sock bunnies just in time for Easter, learning origami, sewing and art. There are some great kits available that would be perfect to create some new hobbies in your children. Shrinky Dinks have been a favorite for decades. Jewelry-making kits are a fun way to create customized accessories for family and friends. String art kits, too, are growing in popularity for budding artists.

— Jennifer Durrant