man and woman holding black balloon with "boy or girl?" on gender reveal party

man and woman holding black balloon with "boy or girl?" on gender reveal party

In a departure from all things Thanksgiving related, I have an even better topic, at least in my opinion, for this week’s dive into Pinterest. My husband and I recently announced that we are pregnant with twins! And now the time has come for a fun gender reveal event. Sadly, the pandemic and health safety guidelines have prevented us from hosting a large event. But, like everything these days, we’re looking at other options for announcing the genders of our twinners.

Naturally, we are looking for gender reveal ideas where we can share our news with all our friends and loved ones virtually and safely. (No, we are not going to carelessly set the mountain on fire for our announcement.) So we’ll be setting up a Facebook live event where everyone near and far can tune in and watch our exciting news unfold in the coming days.

For the actual reveal options, here are three of our favorite ideas. For more, visit our new Pregnancy Fun board on Pinterest.


Filling the air with either pink or blue powdered chalk or smoke is a great way to announce the gender of your baby or babies. There are multiple options, too, for releasing those distinct colors. Softballs, piñatas and simple smoke bombs can all be used to reveal if you’re having a boy or girl. Hire your favorite photographer or designate a family member to capture the event in both photo and video.

Because my husband drives semis for a living, we considered using our big dump truck as a vehicle (pun intended) to announce what our babies will be. Fill the smoke stacks of the semi with colored chalk and then fire up the diesel for a loud, colorful reveal sure to delight all the truckers and truck lovers in your family. You could even use the exhaust pipes of a diesel pickup, too.

Food fun

As any pregnant woman would agree, a gender reveal surrounding food is always a great idea. Of course, you can opt for the traditional favorite of a gender reveal cake decorated in both pink and blue frosting on the outside, but either the color of the cake or interior frosted filling reveals the gender. You could also opt for beautiful cupcakes filled with either pink or blue frosting or even pink or blue cakepops.

Because I love eclairs, I love the idea of taking those beautifully filled pastries and packing them with either pink or blue pastry cream. The same idea could also be used for filled donuts or cream puffs, too. Dipped Oreo cookies also could be pre-dipped in either pink or blue candy melts. Another fun idea is to have Mom and Dad each chew a piece of either pink or blue bubble gum. Each blows bubbles and the parent with the winning color pops the bubble of the other.


When it comes to a gender reveal event, balloons are always a solid option for surprising everyone with the news of your little one. Simply fill a huge black balloon with either pink or blue confetti. Then, after everyone has gathered around the couple or around their computers, the couple grabs a couple needles and pops the balloon to reveal whether they are having a boy or girl. You can also create a fun balloon dart game and fill balloons with colored chalk or paint.

Another fun idea involving balloons is to fill either a large cardboard box or black garbage bag with dozens and dozens of pink or blue helium-filled balloons in various sizes. If using the box, wrap it up in layers and layers of pink and blue wrapping paper to build some suspense. Then, once the box is opened the colored balloons will be released with a flourish! For the garbage bag, be sure to decorate the bag with pink and blue colors and create a fun pull string to release the balloons.

— Jennifer Durrant

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