Celebrating 60 Years of Marriage

We were married October 7, 1959 while Owen was home on leave from Boot Camp, US Navy. For the next 11 years we moved back and forth across the US from New London, CT (submarine school) to Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) to Ukiah, California where Owen was a Navy Recruiter for three years and where 2 children were born. We left the Navy in 1970 to return to Utah to raise our family and have happily made Mapleton our home for almost 49 years and where two more children were born. We have seven amazing children born from Illinois to Utah to California and Hawaii. Faye has had careers as a mother and homemaker as well as with the Utah County Sheriff's Department and the US Forest Service. Owen served in the Navy and with the Utah Army National Guard for a total of 35 years and with the Utah County Sheriff's Department for 27 years. From August 2014 to March 2016, Faye and Owen served as Military Relations Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission. There they served four LDS Wards and four military facilities and loved the islands and the people there. With their seven children they have 30 Grandchildren and 31 Great-Grandchildren with two more on the way.