Lynn Carlton White

Lynn Carlton White

Want to make him giggle? Guffaw?

Tackle him to the ground, pull off his socks, and tickle his tootsies-I mean, Lynn White has ticklish toes-just ask any of his four kids and they'll attest to that!

Dad loved humanity, and even though his parents wanted him to be a dentist, he chose to study humans. Life. People. Connections. As a sociologist, he worked with Native Americans, taught at several universities, and wrapped up his career working at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints headquarters.

His passion for humanity echoed in his favorite passage from The Book of Mormon: "When you are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God."

He once said, "Life is about loving, helping, giving-how would we exist if we didn't support people? If we don't help each other, we've got problems."

Dad was a thoughtful listener, an avid reader, and a passionate singer, so to help us celebrate his life, Lynn would love it if you went out and did something nice for someone-friend or foe! Maybe you could sing them a song, lend a listening ear, or tickle their tootsies-'cause, goodness knows, we'd like to tickle his feet once again!

Lynn was born on November 1, 1934 in Green River, WY and passed away on November 12, 2020 from complications associated with COVID-19.

He is survived by his children: David (Shauna) White; Gwen (Ed) Adams; Gaylene (Joe) Steinbach; Tracy (Tiffany) White; their mother, Jan Burgener; his seven step-children: Larry (Jill) Burnett; Lisa (Steve) Pierson; Leslie (Greg) Wilson; Laura (Greg) Dye; Lawson (Kelly) Burnett; Loreen (Todd) Coons; Lana (Aaron) Sorensen; 44 grandchildren; 48 great-grandchildren; and his siblings: Bryce (Joanne) White; Neil (Marcia) White; Karl (Jerilyn) White; Karma (Tom) Broderick; and JeanAnn (Brent) Shuldberg.

Lynn is preceded in death by his wife, Leah Claire Palmer; parents, Alden D White and Lois Venita Anderson; siblings, Lois (Karl) Betts, Barbee (Burnell) Buchanan, Phillys (Morris) Crouch; granddaughter Amberly Sorensen, and great grandson Brody Pearson.

Graveside services will be held Monday, November 16 at 11:00 at the Historic Springville City Cemetery.