Cozy baby room interior with comfortable crib

I have several friends and family members who’ve recently announced they are expecting new babies in the coming months. And, naturally, those pregnant moms are starting to brainstorm ideas for their new addition’s nursery.

Whether their first, second or even fourth baby, these mommas are making good use of their quarantine time as they’re been sharing their ideas on Facebook and Instagram. Everything, from paint colors, wall art, rugs and even overall decor themes have all been emerging on my social feeds.

With the anticipated arrival of COVID-conceived babies in the coming months, I thought it would be fun to collect even more nursery design ideas to provide some eventual inspiration. Whether you’re expecting a baby girl, boy or don’t know, there are so many amazing themed ideas for your new little one’s nursery.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas to create that beautiful, cozy room. For more ideas, visit our Nursery Decor board on Pinterest.

Baby girl

Since baby girls are made of “sugar and spice and all that’s nice,” according to the nursery rhyme, a precious little girl is typically surrounded by all things pink and fluffy, ribbons and fluttery. But, for a more modern approach to that traditional style, you can still use all those fun, feminine touches while also incorporating a great theme to enhance and add a bit of whimsy in your decor. For instance, you can decorate around a theme of paper dolls or fairies or bunnies or even farm animals.

One nursery that instantly caught my attention was all centered around a beautiful painting of a long-horned Highland cow adorned in a crown of flowers. Centered over a white wooden crib, the rest of the nursery features hints of the colors from that painting. Pinks, peaches and even shades of leafy green are all found throughout the nursery in buntings, mobiles, fiddle leaf fig trees, blankets and even rocking chair. Add a light brown, lush fur rug to match the cow’s coat and you have a romantic, cozy baby nursery. Don’t forget hints of gold to match the picture frame, too.

Baby boy

We all know that little boys are made of “snips and snails and puppy-dog’s tails,” so it’s naturally fun to break out all the most masculine shades of blue when planning a design scheme for your new little mister. Instead of just sticking to painting or wallpapering the walls in shades of blue, try using those colors as a backdrop to an inspiring space or aeronautic theme. Add images of stars, a mobile of planets, pictures of spaceships and astronauts or even model airplanes to help your little boy’s imagination take flight.

I love the idea of a mountain, woodland creates theme. Using those shades of blue, paint a mural of snow-capped mountains on the wall behind the crib. To the crib add in some stuffed animals like a cuddly black bear, moose, elk or clever fox. A mobile featuring felt woodland animals, pine trees, mountain peaks and even fluffy clouds would be an adorable enhancement. Around the rest of the room incorporate rustic touches like his name spelled out in corrugated metal or barn wood signs.

Gender neutral

One of my friends, who has waited an extra-long time to make her 6-year-old daughter a big sister, has decided to be surprised and not find out if they are having a boy or girl. With her baby arriving in early fall, she is choosing from a completely neutral palette to design this baby’s bedroom. Shades of gray, green and soft yellow are among her first inspirations along with simple patterns for rugs and wall coverings. With this basic background, she can choose a zoo animal, safari, adventurer, camping or sea theme.

As a former children’s book publicist, I love the idea of building a gender neutral nursery around a literary theme. Children’s books are so inspirational and simple to decorate with, too. You can easily create a brightly colored nursery using the books of Dr. Seuss, for example. Choose “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” frame an oversized printout of the book cover or your favorite quote from the book as the room’s centerpiece. Add in plush animals from the books, fluffy, multi-colored rugs and blankets, and floating bookshelves filled with the entire Seuss collection for a fun touch.

— Jennifer Durrant

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