Standalone: Wienerschnitzel Summerfest Hot Dog Eating Contest 03

Kevin Hopkinson, of Orem, eyes a hot dog before eating it during the Wienerschnitzel Hot Dog Eating Contest as part of Orem's Summerfest held Thursday, June 13, 2019, at City Center Park in Orem. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Some BYU students able to end off-campus leases during pandemic while others aren’t (April 5)

The ironic thing about this, is that they act like they can’t leave Provo unless they get out of their contract.

I’m known to think outside the box a lot, so I’ll think outside the box for them. It isn’t a black and white, can’t leave until they get out. They can just pay rent up front for their contracted amount then leave ... no one says they have to LIVE in the apartment that they paid for. They can move back home after paying the full amount, or move home and just continue to live up to their legal obligations with monthly rent payments.

It really is a simple solution, just live up to your legal obligations and then leave ... no one is “stuck” in Provo, everyone can leave. Just be honest, and don’t be a thief by stealing from your landlord.

I’m surprised these college people weren’t smart enough to figure this out. — Dragon Fire

Lost Time: How coronavirus spread while supply orders lagged (April 5)

There is definitely much to question Trump and his administration over, but this so called “article” is so blatantly biased against Trump that it loses all credibility with neutral folks (not Trump fans but also not Trump haters) like myself.

How about doing a similar mud-dragging piece on the timeline for Andrew Cuomo or Nancy Pelosi or someone NOT on your hit-list? — Jason Peterson

What you need to know today about the virus outbreak (April 3)

I guess an organization like the CDC with a $11 billion budget and having gone through the swine flu, ebola, sars, mers, etc. had no program for a pandemic? I would agree not to unduly criticize Obama though lots of supplies were not replaced and we never did have any shutdowns. Trump acted promptly sooner than Democrats. China is the one with blood on its hands. They waited at least 2 months. Some suggest California had the virus in October and has herd immunity so about 1/10 the cases of New York. I think the new antibody test now approved could help determine that. — CastYard

Orem’s Summerfest postponed (April 1)

People are going to have to realize, not every event can simply get postponed. What are we gonna do? Double or triple up on events when the veil is lifted? NO. Most stuff just needs to get canceled. Try again next year.

Why anyone thought, 2 weeks ago, that this would be over in 14 days ... well, simply isn’t using what brain they have. Look at China. Started in Dec. It’s now April. They are just starting to talk about getting back to normal. 4 MONTHS! That is reality. Yes, I know business will be opening again in 3 weeks. They have to, or never open again. But the virus is going to do its thing. Kill the weak. No one gets off this planet alive. — Rusty L. One

Utah grapples with possibility of a statewide stay-at-home order (March 31)

Here is the problem. Local leaders say we need to flatten the curve. We don’t have enough hospital beds to handle the upcoming crush of Covid-19 cases. Problem I see is zero movement to building the temporary hospitals we will need. Unless you plan to stay locked in for six to 12 months this is going to spread and we will need more hospital capacity. Crazy that in Utah no preparation is going on to handle the influx of cases. — Greenville