Dentist using mobile phone

Is your dentist following you on social media?

I finally got to the dentist a couple of weeks ago.

Sure, I’d like to say I didn’t get there sooner because of COVID, but really, I’m just afraid of the dentist. Why, I can’t really tell you. My dentist is the nicest man. His hygienists are really good too. When they tell me I need more gum repair, they do it in the nicest way. It’s just scary.

I bet there are others that feel the way I do. But I really am a big baby about it. I should act like an adult and get my regular cleanings more often than every two years!

Now that I’ve got that confession off my chest, I can tell you about the more interesting parts of visiting the dentist. First of all, I love technology, don’t you? I don’t use social media much, but I love checking in on friends and family and seeing their pics. I love being able to teach synchronously while so many of my students are learning at home and some are in the classroom.

Well, I kinda love it. Admittedly, I spent well over 100 hours creating lesson plans this summer that would allow me to teach both students in the classroom and students online at the same time. I’m sure I wasn’t the only teacher spending their summer upping their game to prepare to teach in a new way.

Back to the dentist. My sweet dentist has become a teacher at the dental school at the local university so he spends very little time in his dentist office. I’m glad he would work me in for an appointment. On our visit this day he talked a little about his teaching job.

“Well, yesterday I had to tell several students that they have to quarantine for the next two weeks. It’s all thanks to social media.”

“How could that be?” I had to ask. In my mind I am thinking about students plotting over Instagram to overtake the government or some other horrendous thing.

“Well,” he replied, “it’s kind of like the old days when you had to check your guns as you entered a bar. Maybe students today should check their cell phones before they enter a party zone.”

Ohhhhh, I got it. The news had reported a large party of about 10,000 people a few days earlier. There is a mask mandate in my city and social distancing requirements. All the same, there were videos and FB and Instagram posts all over the internet documenting a wonderfully large and loud get together ... no social distancing, no masks, no jackets! What are these people thinking?

I can just imagine how this went down.

Dentist: “You can’t come to work today. You have to quarantine for two weeks?”

Student: “Why? What’s going on? How can I get in my practicum hours?”

Dentist: “You were at that huge party over the weekend where no one was wearing masks or social distancing. You may have been exposed to COVID. In fact, in a crowd that large you probably were.”

Student: “Yeah right. How do you know I was there anyway?”

Dentist: “Have you checked your Facebook lately?”

Dentist to another student: “Would you be able to work in a few extra patients every day for the next two weeks?”

Student’s reply: “And finish my practicum early? Yes!!! It pays to be unpopular!”

Yep, there you have it. Technology and social media. You’ve gotta love it.