Happy Anniversary to Grant & MJ Edvalson

Today Grant and MJ Edvalson celebrate their first anniversary! Last year Grant and MJ got married for time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.

Grant and MJ met through mutual friends on Facebook while MJ was working in the U.A.E. and Grant was working towards finishing his degree at the University of Utah. MJ was from the Philippines, where Grant had served as a missionary years before. Though the two had never met then, the missionaries who baptized MJ were friends of Grant's. After months of daily chats and long phone calls, the two first met in person in May of 2017, where Grant proposed to MJ underwater at the ocean park in Manila, Philippines.

Since being married, Grant and MJ have enjoyed going on trips together and have grown ever stronger as a couple. When asked about his favorite memories with MJ over the past year, Grant says, "My sweetest memories have been the simplest ones. True love is found not in the grand gestures but in the little moments that touch both heart and soul."