Dear Heloise: I have a question: What can I put on my bathroom mirror to keep it from being steamed up when the shower is usedfi Thanks for your help. -- T, Via E-mail

You are going to love how simple this is! To prevent mirrors from steaming up, put a little hair shampoo on a clean, dry cloth and wipe the mirror. Shaving foam also works (be sure it doesn't contain conditioner). Wipe it all over, then after your shower, wipe it dry using clean paper towels. -- Heloise

P.S. Try to turn the exhaust fan on or open a window or the door so moisture can escape.

Fast facts

Old coolers can be used for a variety of things other than carrying hot or cold food or drinks. Here are a few other uses:

Store holiday decorations, especially the delicate types, in it.

Put it in the trunk of your car for groceries.

Remove the top and use it as a bathtub for a small dog.

Keep fish in it when changing aquarium water or transporting them.

Keep a plastic bag with birdseed in it -- it will stay dry.

Hard-water stains

Dear Heloise: Please tell me how to remove hard-water spots from sprinklers on my windows. -- Karen Neufeld, Via E-mail

Vinegar to the rescue! Fill a spray bottle with full-strength household vinegar. Spray the windows and, after a few minutes, wipe off using newspapers or lint-free cloths. If some spots just don't go away, dip a plastic scrubbie in vinegar and rub away until it disappears. It might take a couple of times, but the windows should come out sparkling clean. I have a pamphlet chock-full of vinegar hints. To receive one, please send $4 and a self-addressed, business-size, stamped (60 cents) envelope to: Heloise/Vinegar, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279. To remove hard-water deposits on your shower head, put enough vinegar in a plastic bag to cover the head and attach it using a rubber band. Leave it on overnight. -- Heloise

This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page C2.

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