Martin MacNeill 1


Martin MacNeill was incarcerated at the state facility from September 2014 until his death by suicide in April 2017, after he was sentenced for first-degree murder and second-degree obstruction of justice. In November 2013, a jury convicted him of drugging his wife, Michele, and leaving her to drown in a bathtub on April 11, 2007.

In a separate case, a jury convicted MacNeill in July 2014 on second-degree forcible sex abuse for a May 2007 incident involving his adult daughter.

The death of Michele MacNeill drew nationwide attention and was featured on “Dateline NBC.” Martin MacNeill practiced psychiatry while Michele MacNeill cared for their four minor daughters. 

In March 2007, Martin MacNeill gave Michele MacNeill the gift of a facelift. This gift came sometime after she confronted him about having an affair with Gypsy Willis. Following Michele MacNeill's surgery, she was prescribed medications at Martin MacNeill's request; Percocet, Ambien, Valium and Phenergen were found in her system.

Prosecutors argued that Martin MacNeill acted so he could maintain his relationship with Willis, who he subsequently married.

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