A girl showing how to crochet

Summer days when it’s too hot to play outside are great to pull out the crafting supplies and begin a new project. I have many memories of summer home economics class where I headed to the junior high a few mornings a week and learned new sewing skills. And then, as an adult living in St. George, when it was scorching outside, my roomie and I would settle on the couch and crochet amazing afghans.

These carefree summer days are perfect for tackling a craft project. Break out the sewing machine, crochet hook, embroidery floss, quilt stands, scrapbook paper and more and resurrect an old hobby, learn a new handcraft or introduce a new one to your children. The possibilities are endless, so get started by checking out the ideas on our Crafts that Save Coinage Pinterest board.

Old hobby renewed

As I mentioned, I grew up sewing, crocheting and even embroidering. It’s been years, however, since I’ve set aside time to enjoy any of these hobbies. Time to renew that interest. The best way to do that is to find a spark of inspiration. Naturally, a quick Pinterest search turns up so many ideas.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve sewed, I’m loving the idea of refreshing my skills on a simple skirt or pair of pajama pants. I’m also thoroughly smitten with the clever softie sewing patterns. I can now sew myself up a collection of clever felt mice, an adorably squishy cactus plushy and even a sloth made from super-soft socks. Time to dust off my Bernina.

New hobby discovered

Throughout life we are often encouraged to discover and foster new skills. Sometimes those skills are work-based and necessary to advance in the workforce, but then there are some skills we want to embrace simply for our own enjoyment — and even stress relief. When it comes to learning something new, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at painting.

Since I have zero artistic talent, I’m grateful for some great options to get a little paint under my nails. With awesome girl’s night out fun like paint nights and ceramics painting locations, I can actually create personalized art either for myself or for gifts. There are also great ideas for abstract-theme art projects on Pinterest too. It’s amazing the beauty you can create on a canvas using painter’s tape and acrylic paints.

Favorite hobby shared

Afternoons spent crafting are always better when you are able to share with someone else. Crocheting was far more enjoyable when sitting on the couch alongside my roomie as we talked about different patterns and yarns. And sewing projects were always better when my mom was coaching me on tips and tricks. Time to share your favorite hobby with a loved one.

Is your 10-year-old daughter whining about being bored? Take her to the craft store and let her pick out a skein of yarn and her own colorful crochet hook. Teach her a few patterns and let her make some new potholders, kitchen scrubbies and maybe a summer afghan. Looking to tie a baby blanket for your new niece? Invite your pre-teen son to help set up the quilt frames and then tie all those square knots.

— Jennifer Durrant

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