happy family mother father and children in costumes and makeup on Halloween

The costume parade is about to begin! Last-minute Halloween party invite and no ideas for a clever costume? Or are your kids still not quite sure what they want to be for the school Halloween party? It’s not too late to come up with a clever spooky or adorable getup for whatever Halloween celebration has popped up on your calendar. And no, you don’t need to rush an Amazon order or scour all the costume shops, either.

With some creativity, a few found brilliant ideas and, maybe a late night or two, you can create the perfect costumes for yourself, your children or even your entire family. No matter if you’re looking to popular movies, viral videos, pop culture, news trends or even traditional favorites for inspiration, there are dozens of ideas you can throw together at the last minute. For more ideas, visit our Halloween board on Pinterest.

Personal style

With so many things in the news, social media and TV to pull ideas from, the possibilities for your own Halloween costume are endless. Commercials are a great place for ideas. For instance, a simple white polo shirt and pants, topped with a white apron is the perfect baseline costume to become Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials. Just add a printed Progressive logo and affix it to the apron and don a bouffant hairstyle.

Have you seen the trending “Turkey Head” costume from the TV sitcom “Friends?” Instead of trying to find that costume, find some additional inspiration from that hilarious TV show instead. Guys can easily become Joey-Plays-Chandler. Simply dress up in layers and layers of clothes, slick back your hair and walk around saying “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?”

Kids ideas

When it comes to children’s Halloween costumes, the more clever the better. And with a little ingenuity, there are dozens of possibilities that will steal the show at the school costume party. Transform your little boy into the Brawny man with a simple red plaid shirt and some makeup to add a beard. Transform your little girl into the perfect struggling meteorologist. Dress her in a sweater and slacks and attach all sorts of “garbage.” A broken umbrella and wind-swept hair finish the look.

Don’t forget to dress up your snuggly little one this year, too. Whether a boy or girl, your little one can be easily made up into an adorable gnome. A plaid shirt, bright pants and suspenders get the outfit started. Using a piece of bright felt in a coordinated color, create a pointy gnome hat. Then, if your babe will let you, add a beard and some bushy eyebrows to complete the ensemble.

Family fun

Some of the best DIY costumes I’ve ever seen were ingenious family-themed creations. Pulling from movies is a great place to start for a themed costume. “The Addams Family” is a great option for any family. With basic black and whilte clothes, possibly a few black wigs, a red rose for Morticia and a fake hand to represent “Thing,” the whole family could each play a role.

Other clever family-themed ideas include transforming into the newest royal family, Harry, Meagan and baby Archie, a campfire s’mores treat, a family of bank robbers, a family-friendly “Game of Thrones” rendition of the Mother of Dragons, painter Bob Ross and a few of his “happy little trees,” a family of stick figures, and even a quick version of the “Toy Story 4” crew.

— Jennifer Durrant