In between the rainstorms over the past few weeks, we’ve managed to spend some time sprucing up our large backyard. We’ve built a rock wall, made and planted new garden boxes, cleaned up the patio, painted our fun antique metal chairs and even created a fun little seating area at the base of our rock wall next to our garden.

Sitting outside enjoying our hard work over the weekend, I thought about how fun it would be to attract some birds to our little backyard paradise. Time to add some bird feeders! Looking through Pinterest I found some great inspiration for DIY bird feeders. There are super simple ideas, clever upcycled options and even sturdy wooden options. For more ideas, visit our Garden Greatness board on Pinterest.

Simple feeders

Attracting birds, and even butterflies, to your back yard doesn’t have to require an expensive or complicated setup. If you want birds at your back door right away, all you need is some birdseed and a container or method of inviting your feathered friends over for either a nibble or a full feast. Containers can be as simple as an old egg carton, milk carton, condiment squeeze bottle or even a toilet paper roll.

For an even easier bird feeder option, try filling the rind of half an orange. Simply scoop out the flesh of an orange and enjoy the sweetness while you make this simple feeder. Using a quilting needle and twine, thread through the flesh to create a hanging basket effect. Then fill the halved orange with birdseed. Hang from strong branches on a tree and watch as birds flock to your backyard.

Upcycled ideas

Looking for a unique or even artistic way to serve up dinner to your neighborhood’s birds? Break out the fine China, crystal, utensils, antique light fixtures or even baking dishes. Upcycling some of those well-loved kitchen essentials is a great, even clever, way to create adorable and custom backyard bird feeders.

Serve up some afternoon “tea” for your flock with a teacup bird feeder. Taking a matched tea cup and saucer, run a strip of glue from the middle to the edge of the saucer. With the handle pointing upward, set the cup over the strip of glue and press. If needed, wrap a towel around the feeder to secure while drying. Once dry, fasten a string to the handle, fill with birdseed and hang outside.

Wood options

One of the first projects made in woodshop class or those children’s classes at your favorite hardware store is a bird house or bird feeder. With simple pieces of leftover wood, you can easily build a simple bird feeder perfect to attract an array of feathered friends. Traditional house shapes can be created, or you can create a more simple shape with pegs perfect for perching.

To get a bit more up close and personal, create a bird feeder you can attach to your window for optimal summer birdwatching. Simplify your building plans to make the feeder more of a framework so you can easily fill the base with birdseed, attach it to your window using suction cups and then enjoy viewing those munching birds.

— Jennifer Durrant