Woman cleaning glass door in bathroom

When it comes to cleaning my house, there are a few areas that drive my clean-freak self completely nutty! No. 1 on that list is hard water stains on my glass shower doors. For years I’ve tried all sorts of concoctions and “sure-fire” cleaners with not much luck. Apart from simply installing a new water softener, I’m sure I’ll be continuously looking for a solution to get those glass doors to truly gleam. In the meantime, I’ll continue seeking out Pinterest tips.

Speaking of cleaning, before I bring out the fun autumn and Halloween decor, I want to make sure I do a round of deep cleaning. Not wanting to spend countless hours, however, I naturally seek out the tips, hints, hacks and shortcuts I can find on Pinterest. Here are my favorite tips for tackling my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom chores. For even more ideas, visit our Savvy Cleaning board on Pinterest.


If you haven’t already heard, vinegar is not only one of the best cleaning agents, it’s also one of the safest. So naturally when seeking out a cleaning solution for all those kitchen surfaces — from countertop to microwave to fridge to floor. By combining vinegar with other natural cleaners like lemon, baking soda and salt, many of the toughest, stickiest, dirtiest cleaning tasks in the busiest room in the house become easier.

We all know that the oven and microwave often need a good scrubbing from time to time, but did you realize that even that beloved appliance that does a lot of the cleaning for us — the dishwasher — also needs to be cleaned? Keep that dishwasher clean and fresh smelling. Pour a packet of powder lemonade drink mix into the detergent container. Close the dishwasher and start on a 45-minute setting.


While my bathroom cleaning quest often centers around scrubbing those shower doors, I am always looking for efficient ways to clean my toilets, bathtub, shower walls, sinks and other surfaces without having to spend hours and hours scrubbing. While I’ve often used heavy-duty chemical cleaners, I know just how toxic some of those chemicals can be, especially if some of those chemicals are accidentally mixed. So I love finding great, hard-working natural options.

Hard water stains in the toilet of my rarely used basement bathroom are often very hard to clean. Apart from taking a harsh pumice stone to the stains, I’ve discovered that a bottle or can of Coca-Cola is a great, cheap solution. Simply pour a can into the toilet bowl and let it stand for an hour. The carbonation will lift the stains. After an hour, simply scrub with a brush to complete the chore.


I love having a clean bedroom — or at least a mostly clean bedroom. While my bed is perfectly made every single day, I may not always be the best at making sure all my clothes are hung up or folded and put away. That clean laundry might be piled high in the laundry basket, but at least it isn’t scattered all over the bed or chair or floor, right? Time to find some ideas for a nightly spiffy-up routine.

While my dressers and closet have been Marie Kondo’d, there still is the clutter that happens throughout the day — jewelry-strewn across the nightstand, dresser heaped with folded clothes ready to put away, etc. With a newly found checklist and a few allocated minutes before bedtime, I can now make sure surfaces and floors are clear of clutter. Moving non-essentials to drawers and cubbies, too, will help manage the mess.

— Jennifer Durrant