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It’s hunting season! That time of year when wives gather for either trips to Wendover, hours-long crafting sessions or shopping excursions.

I wasn’t much of a deer widow as my husband harvested his 2-point on the first night of the muzzleloader hunt this year in an unexpected moment of success. While I might not have had my weekends free for crafting sessions, I do love the inspiration deer antlers bring to my home decor ideas.

Whether your style is straight-up hunter-chic, farmhouse cozy, bohemian, mid-century modern or a hybrid of multiple styles, antlers and skulls from a variety of animals are a great way to add a little wild flair to your home’s decor.

Here are my favorite ways to use antlers in your family room, bedroom and even in holiday decorations. For even more ideas, visit our Design on a Dime board on Pinterest.

Family room

As a child I never fully appreciated the velvet-mounted antlers my dad hung up in our house. But, as I’ve grown to appreciate the beauty of these animals, and as decorating trends have changed over the years, I have jumped at the chance to incorporate antlers and skulls, whether real or faux, into my home’s modern farmhouse style. My faux 4-point deer head with his gold-dipped antlers is a beloved centerpiece of my front room and has informed other aspects of my decor.

When looking to incorporate antlers into your family room or formal front room, consider the beauty of a European-mounted deer or elk. The beautiful white skull contrasted with the perfect antlers, mounted on a wooden plaque, makes for a gorgeous centerpiece on a gallery wall. Smaller antlers, painted white, gold or silver can make beautiful accent pieces on a coffee table or desk.


In my home, my husband’s European-mounted deer head perfectly complements the wood-themed decor in our bedroom. The magnificent piece is an artful addition and is surrounded by a custom-painted piece of barn wood art featuring quaking aspens, my favorite “Anne of Green Gables” quote that expresses my love for October and a few other themed family photos.

Another way to incorporate antlers into your bedroom decor includes using the beautiful sheds as hanging jewelry organizers. What a great way to not only organize your necklaces and bracelets but add some wall art to your bedroom or closet. You can also use those antlers to adorn a ceiling fan or bedside lamp. Add antlers, painted in a perfect pastel shade to a beautiful boho-chic floral wreath to hang above your bed.

Holiday fun

Do you have some loose antler sheds that just get tossed into a storage box? Pull that box out of storage, dust off your collection and consider incorporating them into your holiday decorating. Whether autumn’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, antler sheds or even taxidermy mounts can enhance any holiday decor.

That huge elk hanging above your stairway can easily become an adorable Rudolph for Christmas. Bleached-white antlers are a perfect adornment to a bushel of light-colored autumn pumpkins and gourds. And a bright spring wreath on your front door featuring a variety of horns exudes artful texture. And the antlers on my own faux deer make the perfect place to hang a Valentine’s Day heart-themed bunting.

— Jennifer Durrant

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