Woman wrinting on calendar

In today’s economy, there are a number of challenges women entrepreneurs face that their male counterparts don’t necessarily experience.

Ahhh … January. Time for a fresh start on life. Time to set new goals. Time to renew and revitalize previous goals. Time to start new hobbies. Time to establish positive affirmations. And, my favorite part of January, time to start a new planner. I love cracking the spine of a new annual planner at the beginning of each year. I also love finding the perfect calendars to hang in my office and on my fridge.

I’m a bit late this year in securing my planner and calendar designs this year. Time to take a look at Pinterest for some fresh ideas for all my calendar options — from planners to printable calendars. There are calendars centered around goal setting, calendars perfect for keeping families organized and then there are the whimsical calendars perfect to enhance office or bedroom decor.

Here are my favorites. For more, visit our New Year, New You board on Pinterest.

Planner options

I first cut my planning “teeth” on the life-changing Franklin Planner, and even though I still add in all my important appointments and events into my phone and Google calendar I still love the ritual of writing down my goals, checklists and appointments. My new favorite planner these days is the Passion Planner — a system that is designed to help you break down all your goals into fun, easy-to-accomplish tasks.

While waiting for my planner to arrive this year, however, I decided to look at printable options. And, believe it or not, there are dozens of options available. What I love about these printable options is that you’re able to download and print these templates to allow you to find the perfect option for your years worth of planning. For instance, there are planners that focus on budgeting, inspiration, meal planning, travel and even planners for children.

Family calendars

Growing families are quickly becoming over-scheduled. Doctor’s appointments, ball games, dance classes, play dates, school fundraisers, church activities, birthdays, vacations, school holidays and much, much more all need to be carefully calendared out each year to help Mom and Dad stay sane and ensure everyone makes it to their events on time. Naturally, it’s crucial families find a calendar that will meet everyone’s needs.

If your family is older and everyone is attached to their digital gadgets, a Google calendar, customized to meet your family’s needs could be all that you might need. There are also printable weekly and monthly calendars you digitally edit and update and can print out for each month. Add those calendars to your family’s command center and you’re one step closer to making sure everyone arrives on time to all those dance and basketball practices as well as those fun family events.

Designed favorites

In my office I have a simple clipboard hanging on the wall above my desk. Every year I add a little bit of printable whimsy to that clipboard in the form of adorable calendars. All of these calendars are freebies I find on Pinterest that I absolutely love. Some years I’ve gone geeky and printed out a Star Wars-inspired calendar. Other years I’ve opted for a more artistic version with watercolor florals. And then last year I recalled my youth with adorable cartoon unicorns.

This year, once again I’ve found dozens of great ideas — from clever pop culture to artful beauty. There are “Harry Potter” characters, the crew from “Stranger Things,” zodiac-inspired cartoon-y mermaids, the caricatures of the cast from “Friends.” Looking for something more sleek? You can print a Roaring ‘20s-inspired Art Deco style. Or you can add a splash of color with simple watercolor splash designs. Customize however you like for a fantastic year.

— Jennifer Durrant