The Halloween decorations are on display at my home, but we still have yet to fully decorate our front yard.

My husband and I are both huge fans of Halloween. We love dressing up for parties, love spooky haunted houses and scary movies, and certainly love creating haunted fun in our front yard. While we do have a few decorations purchased over the last few years, I think it’s time to add to our collection, both indoors and out.

Instead of spending a fortune adding fun little accents to our own cozy haunted house, I thought I would research some great options that could all be pieced together with supplies from the Dollar Store. Whether pumpkin perfection, skeletal fun or ghostly greatness, there are countless possibilities for spectacularly spooky DIY decorations for this frighteningly fantastic season.

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The Great (Dollar Store) Pumpkin

Those brightly painted plastic jack-o’-lanterns, typically used for collecting all that trick-or-treating candy, also are easily transformed into either classy, artistic Halloween and autumn decor as well as kid-friendly, spooky porch decorations. Simply grab one or two of those classic plastic pumpkins and a few cans of spray paint and transform them into planters for autumn flowers or succulents. Stack three painted pumpkins and create an artsy statuary.

Transform that pumpkin into an altogether new Halloween creature. Take that same bright orange pumpkin and spray paint it a bright white. Let the paint dry and then mummify the bucket by hot-gluing wide strips of cheesecloth around the bucket. For the eyes, cut out two circles of white felt and two smaller circles of black felt. Glue the black circles on top of the white circles to make the eyes. Glue on the front of the pumpkin. Fill with mums for your front porch, or candy to share.

Dem bones, dem bones

The centerpiece of our outdoor Halloween decor is our amazing, life-sized skeleton, Skully. Casually sitting on our porch swing, this seasonal addition to our family is a favorite to build our annual outdoor theme around. To complement Skully, we also have lined our walkway with lighted bones to welcome guests to our home. Skulls, skeletons and other bones are such a fun way to decorate for Halloween. Now, with Dollar Store skulls, you can create unique new decor pieces.

Create a great trio of skull candlesticks for your tablescape this year. Snag three plastic skulls and three wooden candlesticks at the Dollar Store. Paint everything a pewter color. Paint three candlesticks a pewter color. Using a hot glue gun, attach the skulls to the candlesticks. Then, using black tulle, ribbon, lace, fur, fit, plastic spiders, feathers, paper flowers and felt doll hats, embellish the skulls to match your decor.

Such friendly ghosts

Just like our beloved Casper the Friendly Ghost, not all spirits are spooky. Creating ghostly home decor is easy to do, and using Dollar Store supplies, those eerie floating specters are economical, too. White plastic bags filled with fallen leaves, enhanced with large, black, construction paper eyes, are a great way to creatively clean up the front yard while creating fun yard art, too.

If you have leftover cheesecloth from your pumpkin mummy, use it to make a “floating” ghost. First, create a ghost mold using a tall glass and some sort of round object that sits atop the glass. Take one piece of cheesecloth, folded in half, and drape it over the form to create the ghost look, making sure to puddle the cloth at the bottom to create a base. Take a can of spray starch and give the cheesecloth a good soaking. Once dried and stiff, create a face using felt.

— Jennifer Durrant