One of the greatest weeks of the summer is here. No, it’s not back-to-school week … yet. It’s Shark Week! Time to make a virtual dive into the ocean and explore all the amazing mysteries of sharks. With shows like “Expedition Unknown: Megalodon,” “Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing” and “Capsized: Blood in the Water,” it’s the perfect time for a Shark Week-themed viewing party.

Shark Week programming begins Sunday. With dozens of great sweet treat options to sink your teeth into, adorable free printables and other decorations to welcome (warn?) guests and clever, sea-worthy activities for the kids, there’s no excuse to not throw a fin-tastic party worthy of any shark lover.

Here are a few favorite ideas. For more, visit out Party Ideas board on Pinterest.

Sweet treats

As “Mommy Shark” (doo doo doo doo doo doo) knows, any Shark Week viewing party must have an array of shark-themed nibbles, right? Time to create a fun array of treats — savory and sweet — for the kids and adults to all enjoy. Just make sure that very thing has a perfect ocean or shark theme, and don’t forget the beverages, too. Ocean Water punch is a great refresher.

In addition to blue decorated cupcakes and shark bait snack mix, try making some Shark Week chocolate bark. Simply melt two different colors of candy melts — a blue and white. On a large piece of wax paper drop spoonfuls of each color of candy melt to form a rectangle. Smooth the dollops together and then swirl it together to make it look like an ocean. Then add gummy sharks and red Pop Rocks for a little blood in the water.

Decor ideas

Warning signs about closed beaches, alerts to shark-infested waters and no swimming signs are perfectly hilarious ways to decorate your Shark Week viewing party. Print out an array of different shark species to enhance the treat table, too. And don’t forget to create a giant Jaws-themed piece of wall art or free-standing cardboard cutout perfect for a selfie station.

For a perfectly clever welcome for guests, create a Shark Attack Flip Flop door wreath. Lay out three pair of cheap blue and gray flip flops in a round shape. Take each flip flop and cut bite marks out of them. Hot glue them together one at a time, letting them cool in between. Then, using a piece of jagged barn wood, paint a warning sign for the center of the wreath with a white paint pen that says “Beware of Sharks.”

Activities and games

During commercials, keep everyone fully entertained by having a few games ready to play. Of course you can also host shark trivia games, enjoy coloring pages and shark word finds. You can also create customized shark hats and play with ocean slime. Clearly, there are plenty of ways to continue to the fin fun.

For the little ones, let them create their own ocean scenes complete with footprint sharks. Pull out the craft supplies like dark blue construction paper, gray and blue craft paint, paint brushes, large googly eyes and Elmer’s glue. Simply paint the bottom of the kids’ feet and press on the paper. (Baby wipes help cleanup.) Let the paint dry and then decorate with googly eyes and add fins, teeth, waves, other little fish and more.

— Jennifer Durrant

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