Admittedly, all of my Christmas decor has been on display for a few weeks now. Yes, even before Thanksgiving. Even though my seasonal decorating is technically done, I love the chance to add one or two pieces to my holiday collection every year. Typically I head straight to my favorite boutique for the newest trend, but this year I'm just planning to dust off my crafting skills and try making something new.

As is my preference, I like to keep all my crafting simple. Nothing too complicated or requiring too many specific skills. So naturally I looked to Pinterest for my inspiration. This year I found some great ideas for clever wreaths, advent calendars and ornaments that I adore.

Here are my favorite ideas. For more, visit our Christmas board on Pinterest.


There's no better way to welcome visitors during the holidays than with a beautiful wreath hanging with love on your door. With so many elegant, creative and even funny ideas, the choices are plentiful. You can gather up all those pine cones and create a woodland-themed wreath. Jump on the hoop wreath trend and decorate embroidery wreaths with such winter greens. Or you can go for huge laughs and create a Buddy the Elf wreath.

Top of my list is creating a buffalo plaid fabric rag wreath. Cut 2 yards of buffalo plaid fabric into strips 1-inch wide and 8 inches long. This should make approximately 330 strips. Using a 12-inch wire wreath form. Simply take a strip of fabric and knot it around the outer two wires. Tie the next strip to the two middle wires and the third to the innermost two wires. Continue the same pattern, pushing the fabric together as you make your way around the wreath.

Advent calendars

I have been so tempted to transport myself back to childhood and buy one of those chocolate-filled Christmas countdown calendars now on sale at the grocery store. I have so many fond memories of eagerly prying open the day's "door" to reveal a new piece of chocolate as we counted down the days to Christmas. While I don't have any youngsters in the house, I still love the idea of a fun advent calendar and thought it would be fun to share an easy DIY version anyone could do.

Create a tree-shaped calendar by gathering up old toilet paper rolls, gluing together and forming a Christmas tree shape. Glue one side of the tree with wrapping paper cut to fit. Fill each open roll with a treat for the day. Then cover it with wrapping paper. Attach stickers to mark each day, finish off the side of the tree with more wrapping paper and you're ready to countdown the days until Santa arrives.


In my opinion, every Christmas tree should have at least one homemade ornament. Those ornaments are even more precious when they are part of a childhood memory or long-standing family tradition. Growing up, my childhood tree was filled with wooden Disney ornaments that my parents painted when I was a new baby and they were a huge part of our Christmas memories.

My tree this year needs a little homemade touch. I love this simple idea for a scrap ribbon Christmas tree. To a 6-inch straight stick or cinnamon stick tie various textures and colors of ribbon, knotting them in the center of the stick. Bunch them close together. Then, using sharp scissors, trim the ribbons into the shape of a Christmas tree. Hot glue or tie a loop of twine to the top of the tree and attach a yellow button at the top for a star.

-- Jennifer Durrant