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When I was a young tween, I learned how to embroider. I loved pulling out my embroidery hoop, collection of colorful thread and my perfect patterns to create pretty crossstiched designs. When my creation was done, I was always so eager to pop it out of that hoop and frame my masterpiece. Now, however, those utilitarian embroidery hoops have become an art piece on its own.

Hoop wreaths are a growing trend for not only home design but also for party decorations, too. The hoop has even replaced traditional wedding bouquets. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to create hoop wreaths in a variety of sizes for all three of these themes. For even more ideas, visit our Design on a Dime board on Pinterest.

Home design

Hoop wreaths are a beautiful, minimalistic way to bring beauty to your living room, kitchen, bedroom wall or even your front door. One of the best parts of hoop wreaths is that there is a variety of size options. You can go super-sized and transform a traditional hula hoop into stunning gallery wall centerpiece, or you can use multiple smaller hoops and hang them from the ceiling for a quirky boho-style bedroom corner.

Some of my favorite hoop wreaths combine florals and greenery with wooden accents. These styles are perfect for a front door. Adorn one side of either a wooden or metal hoop with your favorite florals or seasonal designs. And off-set design is super appealing. Then attach a wood-cutout words like “welcome,” “hello,” “believe” or a holiday message.

Party decor

This hoop wreath trend isn’t limited to just home decor. Party planners have quickly latched on to the trend when designing decor for everything from birthday parties to bridal showers to baby showers and more. Even your March Madness party is a great time to incorporate hoops when watching a great game of hoops.

Balloons attached to a burlap- or ribbon-wrapped hula hoop are a great way to transform that decor trend into a perfect party accent. Celebrate your birthday boy or girl by attaching colorful mini balloons around the hoop in a fun pattern. Then, center that wreath around mylar balloons in the shape of the child’s age. Hoop wreaths can also add another fun dimension to the dessert table, too.

Wedding bouquets

Traditional, often bulky wedding bouquets are being swapped out for more simplistic, light-weight hoop wreaths. Rather than clutching a bouquet for hours at your wedding and reception, swap out that bulky clutch of flowers for an easy-to-hold, flower- and greenery-adorned hoop wreath. Incorporate your wedding accent colors and even metals like silver, gold or even copper, for a beautiful break from tradition.

When looking for the hoop shape, try finding beautiful grapevine wreaths that can be easily enhanced with perfect roses, cascades of eucalyptus and even mossy accents. The more rugged and asymmetrical the vine wreath, the better. Everyone in the bridal party can also carry these hoop wreath bouquets, too. And, if using silk flowers, those hoops can easily be transformed into wall decor after the wedding!