Jumping on to Pinterest this weekend, my feed was still filled with Christmas crafts, one of which adorably caught my attention — cute, fluffy, DIY Scandinavian gnomes. These gnomes, with their fuzzy beards and round noses sticking out below floppy felt hats are just too charming to not click on. And, when you consider that these gnomes don’t have to be just for Christmas, I realized that it’s time to look up other winter crafts.

January, known for being a month for the post-holiday blues, is a great time to dust off the crafting supplies for both you and your kids and create some fun wintery-themed projects. From felt and flannel projects like gnomes to paper crafts like snowflakes to balls of yarn for beautiful, wintry door wreaths. Here are a few favorite ideas. For more, visit our Winter Activities board on Pinterest.

Felt and flannel

Chubby little bearded gnomes don’t have to be just for Christmas. Those little critters make humorous companions during the dark winter month of January. Go ahead and create a gnome and adorn him in hues of blue with snowflake embellishments. Pieces of plaid flannel and felt in shades of blue and gray enhance any wintery decor theme.

Or, if you’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day, create a pair of love gnomes using fabrics in shades of pink and red. For you handsome gent, be sure to get that fluffy, furry beard. And for your love-struck gal, instead of a beard, shape that fur into adorable pigtails. To add a little extra fun, grab some bright pink socks to create the rice-filled bodies and accent with a soft gray felt for their hats.

Paper products

If ever you want to entertain antsy kids on a cold wintery day, simply break out the paper crafting supplies complete with a variety of colored paper, scissors, glue, popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls, twine, google eyes, finger paints and more. Start with creating detailed snowflakes and then make your way into other snow-related projects like toilet paper roll snowmen.

If your family is addicted to hot chocolate like mine, let your kids create their own popsicle stick hot cocoa mug craft. Using eight large popsicle sticks per mug, glue them together in a fence-like pattern. After they are dry, let the kids paint the sticks their favorite color. Add a handle cut from cardstock. Adorn with fun embellishments like snowflake stickers and glitter. Then, attach cotton balls to the top to resemble marshmallows.

Yarn and twine

When the weather is cold outside, it’s the perfect time to curl up near the fireplace (or heater vent in my case) and pull out a gorgeous skein of yarn to either crochet or knit a beautiful afghan, wooly hat, gloves or scarf to keep you even warmer in the bitter cold. Or, you can take that yarn or twine and come up with some new crafty ideas.

Take that yarn and wrap it around a foam wreath form, adding some strips of plaid fabric. Adorn with bottle brush trees and plastic animals leftover from your holiday crafts, and you have a perfect wintery adornment for your front door. Or find a plush white yarn and an icy blue skein. Add some glittery snowflakes for a gorgeous wreath.

— Jennifer Durrant

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