I bet we are all wondering where summer went. I mean, really!

I had lots of ideas about what we would accomplish or do this summer, but it seems most of it didn’t happen. Or maybe it did, just differently than I had planned.

Of course summer is not really over. In fact, the weather will be hot in my state for at least another month, but the leisure-ness of summer is over. (Notice I didn’t say laziness, lest anyone read this and berate themselves for being lazy in the summer.)

I recently experienced some “last time for summer 2018” events. For example:

  • I just returned from my last two-hour summer bike ride with my Dad.
  • We went for our last summer swim with some of our grandkids last weekend.
  • I made my last weekday trip north to our daughter’s new house.

— We attended our last summer BBQ last week.

— And, as I write this, I will go to my last daytime movie with family and friends in an hour. It leaves me feeling a little sad.

There are things I didn’t do that I had intended to do. I didn’t clean through the study, or take a class (not even an exercise class), or learn a new skill. But I did take a trip with grandkids, and read a few good books, and try a couple new recipes.

Still, I am left wishing I had a little more time for swimming and sidewalk chalk and late evening walks.

Now it’s time to look ahead to the fall. My parents have harvested a 30-pound pumpkin already! All of our grandkids start school this week and I actually went back to school last week. I have to ask myself, “What are some things I love about the beginning of a new school year?”

I like having a routine, especially for children. I love beautiful fall sunsets. I love watching students learn. I love teaching with wonderful people. I love holiday music. (Yes I actually bought Christmas music last week for the choir I direct.) I love cooking with veggies from the fall harvest. I especially love my husband’s peach harvest. I love learning new things. (Fall always brings new learning opportunities.) I truly love fall leaves and fall colors.

As summertime comes to a close, I appreciate all I’ve been able to experience over the last few months and look forward to the new wonderful things coming our way this fall. I hope you will, too.

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Jennifer Sant is a Utah high school teacher, energy wellness coach, mother of five and currently grandmother of nine. Contact her at jennifersant801@gmail.com.