Couple in love holding hearts.

It doesn’t take a cruise or a new car or a Broadway play to celebrate your anniversary. It just takes thinking and talking about it.

As we head into September, I have to go on record as saying August is the most amazing month! OK all of the other months have redeeming qualities, but August has to be my favorite (as of today anyway). It’s anniversary month!

Some 37 plus years ago my fiancée and I decided to get married in August. We could avoid the December rush and be married as we started another semester of college. Great idea! But not so fast.

The wedding day went terrifically well. It was the third day of that summer that it didn’t rain. The family guests all showed up on time. The bridesmaids had terrible sunburns but that was their problem. But every August thereafter we had company visiting on our anniversary! How do you celebrate when you are entertaining company?!

On our second anniversary my parents were visiting us in our lovely California one-bedroom apartment. We both had new jobs and had to work, so my parents went to Carmel for the day and celebrated for us. When they got back, we had McDonald’s for dinner. Well that did it! I was not going to miss another anniversary celebration.

Now that we’ve been doing this for a while, I will share some of our ideas about how to never miss an anniversary again.

— Start talking about your anniversary by the middle of the month before. Girls, you gotta do this. Men sometimes forget, and you don’t want to be brooding on your anniversary just because your guy is acting like a guy.

— On the first day of your anniversary month, tell each other Happy Anniversary Month! (Oh yeah, this is another reminder for your man.)

— Every time you go somewhere, like McDonald’s, or the dollar movie, you tell everyone you are celebrating your anniversary.

— Go somewhere! (like McDonald’s or the dollar movie) so you can say out loud that you are celebrating your anniversary.

— Take advantage of all the coupons you find in your area this month, and invite someone to celebrate with you. Sizzler coupons? Yeah! Let’s have mom and dad join us. (The restaurant employees even sang to us this year.)

— Take advantage of the activities in your area too! It could be the zoo or a baseball game or even a concert! We went to a rock concert, on a Tuesday, which is a school night, and we had a blast! Even bought the $40 T-shirt to prove it. (Our kids were all jealous!)

— Forget the actual day of your anniversary. You should be “celebrating” two to five times a week already.

— By the end of the month you will be exhausted and you will have gained 5 pounds. That is the proof that you celebrated your anniversary.

— On the first day of the next month, sing praises that you no longer have to celebrate your anniversary! (Although, if you are like me, you now will start on a birthday celebration month.)

In the end, it doesn’t take a cruise or a new car or a Broadway play. It just takes thinking about your anniversary and talking about it. It proves to be a fun way to remember that you are important to each other and that your marriage matters.

Jennifer Sant is a Utah high school teacher, energy wellness coach mother of five and currently grandmother of ten. Contact her at