Plan and schedule

“Why are we ALWAYS in a hurry?”

As a mom, have you ever heard this?

Why are we always rushing? When you are busy you feel productive, more valued. This can create an adrenalin charge. Being busy isn't bad, as long as you are "brilliantly busy," in other words, busy in the right way. However, I regularly hear from women who say they feel they are sprinting through each day, dropping into bed exhausted and frustrated that they didn't get done what they really wanted. Their health, relationships and personal development start suffering. Here are three simple steps to help you go from "beat" to "brilliant."

Step 1: Intentionally plan your day.

Not having a plan usually translates into reacting to each moment. Your day is filled with activity, but at the end of the week you wonder what you did.

Instead try something like this:

  • Each morning, take a few minutes to imagine your ideal day. How will you feel? What will you accomplish? What influence will you have? What actions will you take to become the person you want to be?
  • Keep a planning tool with you to schedule tasks, appointments and ideas.
  • Don't over schedule your day. Keep a running to-do list in your planner for all the things you think of that need to get done, but only put on your daily list what you realistically can do that day.

Step 2: Remember balance

Balance doesn't mean spending equal time in each area of your life, but we eventually experience pain and unhappiness when we neglect an area for long. Health, relationships, personal development and renewal are commonly neglected areas.

  • Health: To develop a consistent routine, consider piggybacking exercise on another activity, like dropping kids off at school.
  • Relationships: Think of ways you can create positive memories.
  • Personal development: Regularly challenge yourself. Keep learning new things.
  • Renewal: Allow yourself to take breaks. Find time to be alone, to rest, and to do things you enjoy.

Step 3: Weekly evaluation

Evaluating your week creates a greater awareness of your life. Set aside some time to reflect on your past week.

Notice and be grateful for the good things in your life. Recognize the opportunities that came along and the people who helped you.

Write down your successes. What went well? Success attracts success, so when you notice and write down your successes, you attract more of the same.

Learn from your mistakes. Rather than beating yourself up when thing don't go well, think about what you can do differently next time.

It is time to move from being stressed and rushed to brilliantly busy. The kind of busy where you intentionally plan your day, balance your life to include the things you most value, and evaluate your journey; the kind of busy where you fall into bed, not tired and frustrated, but tired and satisfied -- a smile on your face. That's brilliant!

Pamela Adams Henrie is the owner of The Success Choice and creator of "The Woman's Success Planner" and "The Choosing Joy in the Journey Journal." For more information, or to contact Pamela, log on to her website at

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