Thirty-one incredible new and remodeled homes, spread throughout Utah Valley from Elk Ridge to Alpine, have opened their front doors for thousands of prospective home buyers and daydreamers alike from now through June 24.

The annual Utah Valley Parade of Homes is often a spectacle in lavish design and elaborate decor, with bits of practicality sprinkled in for good measure. In fact, among the homes that range in price from the $350,000 range to nearly $3 million, there are many ideas every homeowner can incorporate into their own humble abode.

Here are seven of the most practical ways to bring a little bit of the Parade of Homes opulence into your own home.

1. Wood flowers

Florals of all varieties are abundant in this year’s Parade of Homes with vases of live blooms and silk arrangements adorning kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms alike. One idea stood out as a great, unique option for floral displays in your home — eco-friendly flowers.

Gorgeous flowers, handcrafted from natural materials like sola wood, burlap and paper, make an elegant, long-lasting enhancement to your bedside table, bathroom counter or kitchen island. Eco Flower, based in Ogden, furnished the single blooms found scattered throughout The Evanson home in Lehi. Whether you want single blossoms, bouquets or beautiful centerpiece arrangements, Eco Flower offers a variety of options.

2. Statement posters

Oversized, framed posters with phrases like “Dream Big,” “Home is Your Canvas” and “You Have My Whole Heart for My Whole Life,” are found throughout a number of Parade homes this year. Statements expressing love, inspiration and advice, and simply framed, were fun, eye-catching ideas that could be easily added to any bedroom, playroom, kitchen or even mudroom.

Salt Marketplace, in Lehi, is a great local online shop featuring dozens of oversized 24-by-36-inch posters, some with simply designed statements and others with artful combinations of words and graphics. One example includes a world map with the statement encouraging you to “Get Lost and Find Yourself.”

Another option for wonderful, custom-made wall art is American Fork crafter Jessika Thompson’s The Holiday Porch. Hand-painted on wood and framed, these pieces of art with statements like “Family: Together We Have it All” or “Always Be a Little Kinder Than Necessary” are ready to be hung in your entryway or over your bed.

3. Books as art

There is a certain art to styling a bookcase, a perfect balance between books, photographs and conversation/accent pieces. One delightful bookcase enhancement I found was a piece of art created from an old book. With pages artfully folded, the book created a beautiful fan effect.

With book-folding tutorials online, there are many options to create your own literary piece of origami. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more special, check out The Book Artisan out of Logan for amazing sculptures made from the pages of favorite books.

4. Pantry bins

Every home chef loves an organized kitchen, so it was no surprise that many of the homes’ pantries were popular stops, especially those pantries that were deceptively large or tucked behind hidden doorways.

While you might not be able to create an oversized pantry in your home, you likely can take some time to add organizational elements to your shelves. Bins with artfully scrawled labels for sugar, flour, crackers, candy and cookies make it much easier to keep a packed pantry nice and organized.

5. Wallpapered wainscoting

Board and batten wainscoting, bead board and even shiplap have all been extremely popular farmhouse design styles that add depth, dimension and beauty to a plain wall, especially when accented with two-toned paint.

One new idea for dressing up wainscoting includes adding wallpaper to the design. Install a subtle-patterned wallpaper midway up a wall and then enhance with a traditional board and batten design.

6. Geometric patterns

Speaking of board and batten, instead of horizontal and vertical lines, create fun geometric patterns instead. Diamonds and squares transform a white wall into a focal point in any room.

Looking for a more rustic look? Try using rough, natural barnwood to add even more texture and color to that geometrically designed accent wall.

7. Chalkboard barn doors

Sliding barn doors have easily become one of the most popular home design trends of the last five years. Replacing the pocket door, barn doors hang in front of laundry rooms, closets, master bathrooms and even pantries.

If you’ve got a barn door in front of your pantry, a great way to dress it up is to make it a giant chalkboard. With a coat of chalkboard paint, chalk markers and some scripty handwriting, you can transform that pantry door into a beautiful menu board, shopping list or even family calendar.

While the average Utah Valley family might not be able to afford one of the gorgeous homes featured in this year’s Parade of Homes, there are at least seven ways to bring some of those million-dollar design ideas into your own home.

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