Toddler 2

Being a parent is hard. Between waking up with kids at night, dealing with constantly dirty diapers and the temper tantrums, sometimes it is hard to always remember the great things about having a toddler. There are several reasons why I think that a kid's toddler years are some of the most fun for parents.

10. They have great snacks.

Eating Fruit Loops in church? Breaking out the fruit snacks during a class? Grabbing some Goldfish crackers in the doctor's office? If you have a toddler, these situations are perfectly acceptable. Without a toddler, maybe not so much.

9. They say hilarious things.

So the other day, my three-year-old came in with a pair of tongs from the kitchen. I asked him what he had and he replied, "It's salad scissors." Where do they come up with these things? As soon as they start talking, the funny phrases become almost a daily occurrence.

8. They laugh at everything.

My son's favorite game lately is to say that he saw non-Disney characters at Disneyland, knowing that they aren't actually there. He then laughs about it for like 10 minutes.

Not only do they laugh at almost anything, but their laughter is contagious. Pretty soon, you find yourself laughing when he says that he saw Mike the Knight at Disneyland.

7. They can talk to you.

Babies are hard and one reason is the lack of ability to communicate. When they have a stomachache, they cry. When they are tired, they cry. When they are hungry, they cry. Toddlers, on the other hand, can usually tell you exactly what they want, when they want it. The only bad thing about this is when they tell you they want something that they can't have.

6. They learn so much so quickly.

I think it is amazing how much toddlers learn, and how quickly they learn it. I mean, seriously, does someone sneak in at night at teach my kid things? Like the other day when we were driving down the road and he saw a stop sign and said, "Look mama, an octagon." I honestly have no idea how or when he learned that, but he must have seen it and so easily remembered.

Watching them learn is probably one of my favorite things about having a toddler. There is a light in their eyes when the remember something that someone taught to them.

5. They remind you of your own childhood.

When did Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles come back -- and Power Rangers? I love that my toddlers are starting to play with toys from my own childhood. It really doesn't get much better than sitting and watching "Sesame Street" with your kids and knowing how much it meant to you when you were young.

4.  They think you are the coolest person alive.

The best thing in the world is the look you get as a parent when you open your kids' door first thing in the morning and they are so happy to see you. As a parent, you mean the world to a toddler. Hold on to that for as long as you can before they become teenagers who are embarrassed at the very sight of you.

3. They are quick to forgive.

I am far from a perfect parent, but toddlers rarely remember you at your worst. I can get frustrated, yell at my 3-year-old and put him in timeout and five minutes later he is cuddling and telling me he loves me. What would the world be like if we could all forgive so easily?

2. They are carefree.

Parents have so much to worry about — bills, jobs, friends, family, health, their kids (the list goes on and on), but toddler are so carefree. The biggest worry in their day is that they can't find their favorite toy or that they skinned their knee. When the stress of being an adult gets to you, there is nothing quite like laying on the floor playing Matchbox cars with a toddler to put it all in perspective.

1. They love unconditionally.

A toddler loves people, regardless of who they are or what they may have done. They are a great example of how we should all treat our family, friends, neighbors or anyone we associate with.

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