BYU Toledo Football 09

Toledo's Saeed Holt (20), left, tries to tackle Aleva Hifo (15) during a college football game between the University of Toledo and Brigham Young University at the Glass Bowl in Toledo, Ohio, on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019. (Kurt Steiss/The Blade via AP)

2. What would you say is the most underrated thing the Cougar football team must do to get its season back on track?

LLOYD: This squad absolutely has to believe in itself at a higher level. That may sound odd, since college football players have natural swagger that sometimes borders on being cocky, but to me that collective confidence isn’t where it needs to be at yet for BYU. Not everything is going to go your way in a game. So what? The best teams don’t let the bad things get to them because they know they can overcome them. There is no reason to make stupid penalties because the players have strong trust in each other and the coaches. I don’t think BYU is a bad team but I think it is still more fragile than I thought it would be. Mistakes snowball into more mistakes instead of being dismissed as insignificant and surmountable. Even though the youth on the team is getting on-field experience, I think the team psyche still needs to mature.

DICKSON: I hear it from the players all the time: Do your 1/11th. It simply means do your job and focus on taking care of your assignment, nothing else. Players get in trouble when they try to make a play or step outside of their assignment because they feel the pressure of the game. Every play will break down if one person doesn’t do their job, so the focus this week should be taking care of their assignment play after play.

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