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Pleasant Grove allows schools to sell advertising space

By Laura Giles - Correspondent - | Sep 10, 2012

PLEASANT GROVE — The leaders of Pleasant Grove have OK’d display banners advertising businesses on fences for charter and other public schools.

Displaying banners is a way for schools to raise money by selling the advertising space. The change in the city’s code came about after a request from John Hancock Charter School.

Julie Gazaway, Parent Teacher Organization member for the school, told city council members that this is one way to help raise money for the school. The idea is that businesses pay the school’s PTO in exchange for allowing advertising banners to be hung on the school’s fence, which faces 100 East. City Attorney Tina Petersen said that there were some concerns about the possible changes.

“We are allowing some people to do what we prohibit others from doing,” she said, referring to off-premise advertising. Additionally, some schools are not situated on busy roads so they would not benefit.

Visibility of drivers was another concern, Petersen said. Council members agreed that the banners should not block drivers’ view.

Councilwoman Cyd LeMone said that she is in support of the program.

“I think it’s a smart way to advertise. I think of those businesses as supporting the school,” she said.

Gazaway said she hoped the city would allow at least 20 percent of the fence to be covered with the banners. Instead, council members agreed that no more than 10 percent of a fence can be covered with the off-premise advertisements.

The banners may not be more than 18 square feet in area, must be kept in good condition, must be spaced at least six feet apart and cannot be displayed for more than 12 months. The banners cannot advertise any alcohol, tobacco or sexually oriented businesses.


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