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Colorful complaint: Project protests state of textile industry

By Daily Herald - | Mar 8, 2013

OREM — A small army of volunteers gathered on the west lawn of Utah Valley University on Thursday to spread out a world record tie-dye measuring 5.5 feet tall and 3,153 feet long, called Vibrant Protest and created by Inez Harwood.

Recruit candidates from UVU’s Recruit Candidate Academy spent three hours spraying the twisted and zip-tied fabric with fire hoses, using approximately 300,000 gallons of water to rinse out the dye.

“I’ll never take water for granted again,” said Harwood, who found the biggest challenge of the project was obtaining the water rights to rinse the dye.

“Even if I ran my garden hose fully open for the entire summer I wouldn’t come close to one-tenth of the water we’re using today,” she said.

The large group of volunteers were necessary to lift and spread out the large, brightly colored fabric, which weighed approximately 10,000 pounds when soaking wet. Guinness World Records representatives were on hand to measure it.

As stated on Vibrant Protest’s website, the project was a protest to “raise awareness about the social, political and economic environment that has destroyed the cotton textile industry of the United States.”

For more information visit http://vibrantprotest.com.


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