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Community page popular with PG residents

By Laura Giles correspondent - | May 8, 2014

PLEASANT GROVE — Looking for something to do or a restaurant to visit? Want to find out what is happening with city government? How about learning about new businesses coming to the area?

Pleasant Grove has created an option to help residents — and those visiting the city — find answers to those questions and more. It’s called the Pleasant Grove Community Connection Facebook page.

More than 2,000 people are keeping up on community information through social media by belonging to the group. News about city events, school happenings, sports, fundraisers and local businesses can be found on the page. Additionally, news from the city’s recreation, public works, police, fire and other departments can be found on the site.

Pleasant Grove resident Amy Lindstrom started the page as a way to help people become more involved.

“Our city is growing in size and age. Through the process of this growth, change is going to come,” Lindstrom said. “Our city leadership wants and needs our involvement. If we are more informed and more engaged, we can really make a huge difference.”

Lindstrom originally started the group last year when hot topics in the city included the proposed new public safety building and a possible property tax increase to pay for it. Residents were able to discuss and debate their feelings about the proposals on the site.

“When issues arise, we may see people getting passionate for and against the issue in their conversations,” Lindstrom said. “Passion is evidence of community members that care.”

The page is interactive, and residents often ask questions and have discussions.

“When a community member asks a question, we will take it directly to the person that can best answer it,” Lindstrom said.

Additionally, Lindstrom said she is regularly contacted by city leaders asking her to share information with residents through the page.

Another way members are able to stay informed are the weekly summaries of city council meetings that are posted to the page. Videos of some of the meetings are also posted for residents not able to attend.

“The benefits to having this type of social media link is that residents can stay connected to our community anywhere at anytime,” said city councilwoman Cyd LeMone, who runs the page with Lindstrom. “We keep the page updated daily with new posts on a variety of topics.”

Recently, the 2,000th member joined the group. Lindstrom and LeMone honored that member, Dan Bulkley, with balloons and gift certificates.

“Cyd and I are super excited about the number of people in our community that have connected through Facebook on our page,” Lindstrom said. “I am stopped all over town all the time by people saying how glad they are that we have this page.”


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