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Giant flag unfurled in Grove Creek Canyon

By Laura Giles correspondent - | Jul 6, 2015
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The 60-foot flag is prepared before being taken up Grove Creek and displayed on July 4, 2015.

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An American flag is displayed along Grove Creek Trailhead in Pleasant Grove.

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An American flag is displayed along Grove Creek Trailhead in Pleasant Grove through July 7, 2015.

PLEASANT GROVE – Flying proudly above the Grove Creek trailhead is a 60-foot American flag and it will be there until Tuesday morning. More than 100 people woke up early on Independence Day to watch the unfurling of the flag at 7 a.m.

Pleasant Grove resident Kyle Fox wanted to do something to honor the United States for the Fourth of July. “I love giving back to the men and women who served this country,” he said. “I love this country.”

For days leading up to the event, Fox and other residents promoted on social media a special, surprise patriotic event called “By The Dawn’s Early Light.” However, details were not given. Rather, they were to be revealed at a later time. “Expect to enjoy patriotism that you can see, hear and feel,” read the announcements. Location of the event was not given until the night before, on July 3.

Fox said he wanted people to be surprised and he wanted to supply excitement for the special occasion. “I love the wow factor,” he said.

Boy Scouts, friends and family helped Fox make his idea a reality. After several weeks of preparation and a practice run, the flag was packed up a steep hillside at 4 a.m. and loaded onto a cable that had been spread across the canyon 600 feet from cliff to cliff.

After a program in the parking lot of the trailhead, which included a cannon firing, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, veterans honored and release of doves, the flag was unfurled.

As the flag was waving above the canyon, onlookers were visibly emotional, said Fox. “I didn’t realize that would happen. That was cool.” A steady stream of cars has been pulling up to the canyon area since the program to see the flag, he said.

“When a resident has an idea to bring the community together and show this level of patriotism, I am 100 percent in support of it and want to be involved,” said Pleasant Grove resident and city council member Cyd LeMone. LeMone helped get the word out about the celebration.

“Events like this are what every community needs. It reminds us that we can put our differences aside and come together to honor the one thing we all have in common, which is our freedom,” she said.


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