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Skeleton showing up across Pleasant Grove

By Laura Giles correspondent - | Oct 28, 2015
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Bones the skeleton travels on a stretcher with the Pleasant Grove Fire Department.

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Bones the skeleton.

There was a new figure sitting with council members at a city council meeting earlier this month.

He is only visiting during the month of October and did not have a vote on any items on the agenda. Bones, a life-size skeleton, not only sat in with the council but has been sighted at many places around town in the last few weeks.

A local city leader found a unique way to get the word out about what is happening in the city and promote local businesses. “I love Halloween and I started out doing an ‘Elf on the Shelf’ thing in my house with the skeleton that I call Bones, and I thought it would be fun to celebrate Halloween and the city,” said Cyd LeMone, city council member.

Bones started out doing funny things with LeMone’s family, but as a council member, she wanted to make a connection with residents as well, so she began taking him with her out into the community.

He has been to a city council meeting, promoted the new PG Players production, eaten lunch at a local restaurant, visited other local businesses, reviewed blueprints at the city’s community development department, worked out at the recreation center and visited a school carnival, according to LeMone.

“When I saw Bones at city council, I wondered who had been there longest, me or Bones,” commented council member Cindy Boyd, who has served on the council for 12 years.

Bones has also hung out with the Pleasant Grove High School Marching Band and students. One day, he was even checked out in an ambulance by members of the Pleasant Grove Fire Department.

Community members have seen Bones around town and have seen photos of him posted on the Pleasant Grove Community Connection Facebook page. “A picture of Bones will be posted every day in October and the community is invited to follow him to see where he’ll show up next in the city,” said LeMone.

Followers of the page are guessing where he will turn up next and are learning more about their community. “I think it’s a great idea. I love seeing it,” reads one comment. “Loving the pictures. Can’t wait to see his next adventure,” reads another. Another resident wrote that she did not know the Viking Store on Main Street even existed before seeing the photo of Bones trying on Pleasant Grove High School Viking gear.

“My role as a city council member includes promoting the good happening in our community,” said LeMone. “Getting information out in a fun and creative way is important because you reach a wider audience.”


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